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June 29th, 2017

Creo for Industrial Designers: Seven Day Intensive

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Written by: Bart
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Creo Seven Day Workshop for Industrial Designer

While most training providers place engineers and industrial designers in the same class, at Design Engine, Creo Training – Industrial Design is specifically designed for the seasoned industrial designers . This Creo Training Course for industrial designers course combines solid and surface modeling techniques. This course is an intensive seven-day intensive specifically designed for industrial designers with Alias or Rhino (sometimes Solidworks) surfacing experience.

Course Duration: 56 Hours (7 Days) We offer this class as a two week 80 hour intensive as well.

Tuition: $2,700 USD


Creo: Industrial Design will empower industrial designers to use Creo at a high-level proficiency in just seven days. This class is beneficial to any student who already has an understanding of Alias and the surfacing techniques required. Participants will undertake at least ten tutorials specifically designed to form a strong foundation within the Creo constraint based modeler. Creo Level 1 training is an introduction to constraint based modeling utilizing Creo 3.0 the latest release of what was Pro/ENGINEEER. This course will cover our Creo Level 1 and Pro/Surface Level 1 through 3 and ISDX 6 or 7.

The course breakdown is as follows:

The Basics for Industrial Designers: 4 days

Part-mode and assembly mode- customize environment and map key development creating features. Protrusions, Sweeps, Patterns, Shell, and Draft. This part of the course is to get the industrial designer up to speed and comfortable with running Creo 2.0 or Creo 3.0. Discuss sweeping draft as apposed to the draft tool and discuss pull direction with examples. Use Modify, Redefine, Insert Mode, Reorder edit references, and use edit definition. Learn to redefine parts (with certainty) that others have modeled. Learn to use drawings, not only to document, but also as design tools ie. drawing over. Discuss the engineers responsibility for capturing form from ID drawings or foam models and discuss techniques for creating advocates out of engineers. This portion of the training will focus on the basics of constraint based modeling and using drawings as design tools.

Intensive for Industrial Designers: 3 days

Using all your experience from Alias, Studio, Solidworks, or Rhino these two days of parametric surfacing and one day of free form using Style tool will be an intensive covering Creo modeling workflow. Discuss light reflections for interpreting form. Use extrude, sweep, and free-form surfaces. Discuss the basics of four part boundaries and discuss problems with 3 part boundary. Manipulate a curve through points using NURBS modeling techniques (TWEAK). Merge, Trim, Offset, Transform, Replace and Extend surfaces. Create solids and cuts using surfaces. Use new skill sets to smooth out solid material from problem areas and to force rounds. Introduction to lattice structures for building more robust curved surfaces. Eliminate isoparms and discuss tangency issues in detail. Discuss managing flow or striation of surface. Discuss in detail the industrial designer’s role in proving form as opposed to capturing form. Discuss precisely what deliverables are required for engineers in relation to the design field. Also, discuss design teams techniques and their deliverables to the engineering department. A portion of this training will focus on ideation and proving form inside Creo with both Creo Surfacing and Style (was ISDX).

Projects: A wide assortment of Creo tutorials will be offered.

Prerequisite/Assumptions: People attending this class should have a degree in product/industrial design and possess an understanding of surfacing in Alias, Rhino or any other surfacing package.

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Pro Engineer Level 1 For Industrial Designers Pro Engineer Level 1 For Industrial Designers Pro Engineer Level 1 For Industrial Designers Pro Engineer Level 1 For Industrial Designers

Pro Engineer Level 1 For Industrial Designers Pro Engineer Level 1 For Industrial Designers

“Pro Engineer Training”, “Pro E Training”, “Creo Training”

*Please note that prices listed on this page are based upon pre-payment prior to the start of the class

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