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March 11th, 2014

Guerrilla Gravity: Denver’s Newest Extreme Bike Shop

Specializing in high gravity custom mountain bikes like you’ve never seen before, Guerrilla Gravity in Colorado is completely original and sufficiently bad-ass. Each bike is designed and manufactured in Denver making them 100% American made. And as if mountain biking wasn’t extreme enough, Guerrilla Gravity’s custom bikes are built to be hooked on a ski lift up and ridden the whole way down. Crazy? Maybe. Awesome? Yes.

The company created the name Guerrilla Gravity as an ode to grassroots operations and the enticing power behind gravity. Priding themselves on being a rider-direct company each bike is completely customizable from color to capability. “All of our models will all have that gravity influence of being made to be fun going down,” said Matt Giaraffa chief engineer for Guerrilla Gravity. “They are usually a little bit longer and a little bit lower. We also put a lot of attention to detail on the suspension side to make sure the suspension works really well for descending.”

All based in Denver the team consists of three bike enthusiasts. Kristy Anderson, a former bike racer from NYC covers marketing. Giaraffa, formerly an engineer in race-cars and airplanes is the engineer and Will Montague, the president of Guerilla Gravity, was the brains behind the operation.

According to Guerrilla Gravity, their first model the GG/DH Downhill Workhorse is built to last for serious riders, “It’s the bike for the those that like to get out and ride day in and day out, for riders that want something that’s high performance, but easy to maintain. With a highly refined design that eliminates all unnecessary complication, the suspension platform is progressive and the frame laterally stiff. The geometry is low, slack, and adjustable. The ride characteristics provide a lively, nimble platform that pedals extremely well for its shred-tastic capabilities.”

As their first bike available and downhill specific the GG/DH is unlike a normal mountain bike, made to put on a chairlift at ski resorts, “It’s really long and low and racked out, said Giaraffa. “So, not really made for peddling up.”

Each bike is customizable for the rider from start to finish. Already have a shock you like? No problem. “People can buy the frame with no shock if they already have one they are going to use, or there is several different shock options that you can get,” said Giaraffa. “Then we have complete build kits and everything in between. Then they are also customizable in every color. We have ten standard finishes and then if someone wants to do custom color we can do that as well.

As riders and racers themselves the staff tests all their products keeping quality and affordability a main priority. Giaraffa has raced professionally for years, placing third in the 2013 USA Cycling Gravity Mountain Bike Nationals.

As their bikes are made with unique suspension to conquer any terrain, to get exactly what they wanted in a wheel they were going to have to build it themselves. So by taking other wheel components they began lacing their own. “Either quality, price, weight or the combination of all of those things we just never found exactly what we were looking for,” said Giaraffa. “We found out that we can offer a better option, something that is usually higher quality, lighter weight and less expensive for the user.”

From start to finish almost everything is done in their fabrication shop, “We do a lot of tube forming and bending here,” said Giaraffa. “Then we do all the tube fit-up, cutting, notching and welding here and then powder coat we do out of house.”

When is comes to powder coats opposed to other methods of painting, “We use it because it is more durable,” said Giaraffa. “It’s very common in a lot of custom fabrications.”

Taking all the factors into consideration, suspension and weight are often most important in the design of these bikes. “Weight is always important, even on a downhill specific bike,” said Giaraffa. “A lot of people that haven’t tried it yet, don’t realize how much it is a full body workout while you’re going down the hill, because you are taking a bike and muscling around all the corners and bumps and things. So, weight even on a downhill bike is noticeable, and then on a trail bike it’s really noticeable.”

Prototyping their next bike now, the Megatrail should be out this spring. According to the company, the newest creation is “designed for up or down riding, the newest bike will feature new ride qualities like a roomy cockpit, short chainstays a 12 by 142 Syntace rear axle and low BB.”

Keeping in line with the grassroots organization mentality, in addition to a new toy, with the purchase of their one of a kind bikes each rider will receive a Guerrilla Gravity membership. As member you’ll receive 15% off products and services in the shop – excluding bikes. A $50 friend referral credit, access to their Racer Program, half price on pro-led riding and maintenance clinics and more.

All ready around the world, Guerrilla Gravity bikes can be found in France, Singapore and Japan and that is just the beginning. When it comes to their success, “Most bike shops they just carry other brands,” said Giaraffa. “We manufacture our own frames and then sell them here in our retail store, so that is pretty big to us … we’re going to continue coming out with more models, so we have a full spectrum and continue to grow.”

Looking for a new extreme hobby, or just a custom mountain bike? Check out Guerrilla Gravity at

The Downhill Workhorse Specs:

– Rear Wheel Travel 8″, 9.5″ x 3.0″ Shock

– Progressive Leverage Curve – No Blowing Through the Travel or Harsh Top Stroke Here!

– 1.5″ Head Tube, Cane Creek Angleset Compatible

– Adjustable Chainstay Length via Axle Mount

– Adjustable Head Angle/BB Height via Shock Mount

– Designed With Frame Stiffness in Mind

– Massive 25mm Pivot Axle

– Zero Free Play Pivot and Axle Interfaces

– High quality Enduro dual-lip sealed bearings

Frame weight: 7.9 lbs. with hardware (size Medium, no shock)

Frame Geometry:

– Chainstay, Adjustable: 17″ or 17.5″

– Head Angle, Low: 63.5 deg.

– BB Height, Low: 13.4″

– Head Angle, High: 64.2 deg.

– B Height, High: 13.9″

Frame fittings:

– 30.9 seatpost

– 34.9 seatpost clamp

– ISCG05 chainguide tabs

– 150 mm rear wheel spacing

– 83 mm BB spacing

Article Written By: Emma Watson





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