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July 6th, 2017

Maya Level 1: Intro to Maya 3D

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Written by: Bart Brejcha
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Maya Level 1: Intro to Maya 3D 

Course Duration: 40 hours

Tuition: $1,800 USD

Overview: These Maya 3D Training classes introduce 3D momayastaplerdeling and animation utilizing Maya 3D. Learn basics of modeling, lighting, and efficient rendering. Maya 3D animation software delivers a comprehensive creative feature set with tools for animation, modeling, simulation, rendering, match moving and compositing on a highly extensible production platform. For visual effects, game development, post-production or other 3D animation projects, Maya offers toolsets to help meet demanding production requirements. Maya 2013 adds tools that help to facilitate parallel workflows and complexity handling powerful new creative tool sets and productivity enhancements to help you create higher quality content quickly.

Prerequisite: Previous Maya training not necessary for this course.


  • Learn about the basic and core concepts of Maya.
  • Master the Maya interface and create efficient workflows.
  • Learn hands on with Maya by modeling polygon, NURBS, and subdivided objects.
  • Understand the difference and advantages of polygons, NURBSs, and sub’ds.
  • Discover how to bring your creations to life with texturing and lighting.
  • Get comfortable with the basics of animation and the Graph Editor.
  • Unleash the power of Maya’s unique paint effects to create organic objects such as flowers, trees, and plants.
  • Try out different rendering techniques and learn about Mental Ray and Vector Rendering.
  • Model a character using CV pulling, lattices, and skeleton joints.
  • Animate using various Set Key techniques.
  • Utilize the Graph Editor and the Dope Sheet.
  • Build shading groups using various types of texture maps.
  • Create particle effects using hardware rendering.
  • Process of modeling, animating and rendering a complete scene from start to finish.
  • Work with hierarchy of joints and deformers applied to a character-based model.
  • Character facial deformation and lip synching.
  • Create control and tailor 3D character garments. Understanding Maya’s MEL programming language to build simple functions and custom user interface controls.


  • Discuss Import/Export options and how those options might affect render times.
  • Discuss NURBS vs Polygon modeling techniques and converting between those various options.
  • Discuss real-world modeling or render techniques and offer solutions to various past problems (per instructor).

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