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April 23rd, 2017


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Written by: Bart


Grattan Track Map

About the Author

Pro/E, Creo, and Surfacing Instructor at Design Engine. Loves motorcycles and racing.

Design Engine Industrial Design Training Pro Engineer


Architect Turns Old Abandoned Factory into His Stunning Home

Spanish Architect Ricardo Bofill spent 45 years converting an abandoned World War One-era concrete factory into his home. Bofill first discovered the concrete factory just outside of Barcelona in 1973. Now having named it La F...
by Mila Medonaite

Creo Rubber Simulation

Creo Simulation WEEK LONG Intensive

Creo Simulate Training WEEK LONG Intensive Course Duration: 40 hours Tuition: $2,700 USD Overview: Creo Simulate training is designed for new users who want to test, validate, and optimize Creo models. Creo Simulate enables you...
by Bart

Creo Pirelli Motorcycle tire

Level 3: Advanced Creo Modeling

Course Duration: 40 Hours Tuition: $2,500 US Overview: This Advanced Creo Modeling class helps participants to use advanced part modeling and assembly techniques in Creo to improve your workflow, organization, thinking, plan of...
by Bart



Elon Musk’s Latest Venture, The Boring Company

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk revealed in a recent TED talk how he plans to build a vast underground transportation network that would transport cars on an electric skate – all so traffic could be avoided. The Boring Company...
by Mila Medonaite

Autobahn South on a Middleweight Race Bike

Road Racing Track Maps

Autobahn South on a Middleweight Race Bike   AUTOBAHNSOUTH.PDF Here we will post a wide variety of track maps here over the next few weeks & months for the racers & Track Day folks who are interested.  Em...
by Design-Engine



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