Founded by Eric Nakamura and Martin Wong

Aright, Alright. So there’s this magazine called Giant Robot which is great for people who don’t get to go to Asia nearly as much as they should, like myself. This is a cultural magazine based solely on Asia. It shows a whole variety of interests, such as art, technology, literature, toys, sports and music. So for someone who is looking for new breakthrough advances on how to go about doing. . . well, things, it’s pretty keen.

The magazine’s main interests are art and design, especially films; lots of the ones featured there are our future American remakes like The Grudge, The Ring, and Open Waters. Why wait for cheesy American pop crap when you can get what you want straight from the tap? And that’s just movies, Giant Robot even reviews other magazines so you don’t have to waste your time!

A couple years back, Giant Robot opened a nice, small boutique in downtown Manhattan at 437 E. Ninth St, NY, NY 10009. They’ve also settled in west LA and SF. They sell books, clothes, toys, duds, candy and other great luxuries of life. They even have frequent art shows where you are greeted with candy and drinks, all for free! Now that’s how awesome Asia is. That’s a rarity for downtown Soho where you have to buy four dollar fries just to pee somewhere. Things in the tight hallways like shop can get pricey but it’s all top quality and it’s worth the neat, kid-like vibe. If you’re down with learning more about our eastern global neighbors, or just into all that stuff I just mentioned, this magazine is a productive product, I’d say. I even left a lot out, like the interviews with killers, skateboarders and puppy owners; but knowing is half the battle, as Snake Eyes would say if he could, and hopefully learning is the rest.

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