Wenn bicycle frame created using Creo Freestyle Sub'D

Creo Surfacing Level 10: Freestyle Subdivisional Modeling

Creo Surfacing Level 10: Freestyle ‘Sub’D (Subdivisional) Modeling

Course Duration: 16 hours (2 days) /40 hrs (5 days)   This Coruse can be administered in a one week format as well.

Overview: Learn to Create Freestyle surfaces using the new Sub’D Modeler inside Creo (this tool was new in Creo 1.0).   All of our courses are customized.

Prerequisite: None. However, a basic understanding of Creo surfaces would allow students to get further through the course material.


  • Basic work flow
  • Using Trace Sketch
  • Using Visual Mirror
  • Transform and Scale Control vertices/facessaddle600
  • Align and planarize
  • Extrude Sub’d
  • Utilize Transform & Scale to manifest vertices & edge lines.
  • Manage Mirror and break summitry as necessary
  • Utilize Connect, Edge Split, and Face Split to tweak and pinch surfaces
  • Rendering using Creo Mental Ray tools
  • Mix and match Freesltye with Creo Parametric surfaces


  • Discuss what’s new in Creo 6.0 Freestyle
  • Integrating Sub’D Freestyle surfaces with other surfaces inside Creo and Style.
  • Creating soft-good products such as leather goods and bags.
  • Discuss the history of Sub’D Freestyle modeling and compare to Catia, Maya, and 3D Max.
  • Discuss Sub’D Freestyle work flow with respect to integrating to regular surfaces in Creo.
  • Discuss the various primitives and their perspective workflow.
  • Discuss manipulating faces vs vertices.
  • Learn more advanced workflow managing conceptual design or ideation of forms.
  • Discuss with examples constraining freelstyle geometry to parametric curves and Creo Surfaces.


  • Create a couch and Ottoman.brush601
  • Create a toy airplane using a Creo Freestyle polygon cubeCreate a toy giraffe model using a polygon box primitive.
  • Create eyeglass frames from a primitive sphere.
  • Create a carbon fiber bicycle frame.
  • Create an Auto Front end from images.
  • Create a front-end of a rally car from a square initial primitive shape.
  • Create bicycle and/or Motorcycle saddle.
  • Develop Motorcycle Swing-arm using Freestyle coupled with Creo Solid Geometry
  • Create new plastic for a YZ450 Motocross bike
  • Create multiple iterations of a hair brushes.
  • Create soft-goods products such as bags and gun holsters.
  • Create perfect circles for machined mating parts

There are 20 tutorials for this advanced Creo Surfacing Freestyle Workshop in total . More experience users tend to move more quickly through the materials.

Creo Freestyle Wenn Bicycles
Wenn bicycle frame created using Creo Freestyle Sub’D Sub Divisional Surfaces
*Please note that prices listed on this page are based upon pre-payment prior to the start of the class

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Creo Surfacing Level 10Creo Surfacing Level 10Creo Surfacing Level 10Creo Surfacing Level 10

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