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July 19th, 2018

Learn Creo coming from SolidWorks: A Week Long Creo Training Class

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Written by: Design Engine
Discover Creo Advanced Assembly with this Yamaha R6 Shock

Learn Creo coming from SolidWorks: A Week Long Intensive

Course Duration: 5 Day Class

This class is for those design or engineering teams that have been forced to switch parametric software packages. We also understand you are probably upset, however we would like to make the transition as smooth and rewarding as possible in this one week intensive. This course makes the assumption you are experienced using Solidworks and that you need to get you up to speed quickly using Creo. Design Engine instructors help you learn Creo at a rapid pace and at a high level all in one week. Ask your account manager to work with the instructor slated  for assistance with the course curriculum and customization process. Our instructors know both packages and can ease your learning experience, plus we will get through much more material in one week if everyone knows Solidworks already. For those companies facing change and want an unbiased non sales perspective, we offer a week long format to compare your models  with respect to each Solidworks or Creo.

Creo 4.0 Motocross hand grip

Creo 4.0 Motocross hand grip

Prerequiste: Participants should have a working knowledge of SolidWorks.

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Onsite Training: This, and all Design-Engine courses, are offered at our location or onsite at your facility. Call to speak to an account manager to arrange a class at 312.226.8339 today.


  • Creo sketch tools in contrast to how Solidworks uses curves.
  • Building Selection sets with resepct to curves, sketches, surfaces, solids.
  • Customize environment/map key development.
  • Creating features: Extrude, Ribs, Lofts, Patterns, Shell and Draft, Fillets using Equations to manipulate parts quickly and detail drawings for documentation and assembly detail drawings complete with exploded views.
  • Detailing Cross sections, exploded views etc.
  • Cover basic surfacing complete with Sweeps and Lofts.
  • Utilize Edit Sketch ie compares Edit Feature.
  • Learn to edit parts (with certainty) that others have modeled.
  • Learn to use drawings, not only to document models, but as design tools for controlling snap fit and accuracy.
  • Assemblies with Creo to compare to SolidWorks.
  • Advanced Assembly function in one package or the other ie. mechanism, top down design, configurations etc.

1-Intro to interface

  • Basic differences between Creo & SolidWorks.
  • Discuss basic workflow similarities and differences and need to make changes quickly.
  • Setting up designers and engineers to succeed.
  • Incorporating workflow techniques.

2-Modeling Parts – Learn proper modeling techniques

  • Part modeling workflow & technique (mirror pattern etc.).
  • Plastic part design basics (draft parting lines etc.)
  • Sheet metal basics
  • Surfacing basics


  • Basic assembly structures
  • Making changes to how parts are assembled.
  • Using assembly drawings to understand then manipulate parts in assemblies.
  • Exploded Assemblies and automatic BOM.

4-Advanced Assemblies

  • Top-Down Design: external copy, geometry, and or insert part.
  • Configurations
  • Creating mechanisms
  • Advanced Assembly functions


  • Detailing parts & assemblies.
  • Auxiliary views & cross sections.
  • Using drawings as tools to make rapid changes.
  • Learn proper modeling techniques, to utilize drawings to aid in modeling, cross sections, exploded views, and the basics of surfacing.


  • Compare and contrast SW solid bodies with Creo closed surface merges.
  • Compare with examples building reference planes.
  • Making Changes
  • Discuss systems options in detail.
  • Examine editing parts others have modeled in both packages.
  • Compare using surfaces by themselves and within parts.
  • Compare w/ examples top down modeling approaches for developing product
    Creo Vise Assembly

    Creo Vise Assembly

  • Group discussions designing mechanisms complete with surface detection.
  • Compare surfacing tools (if necessary).
  • Compare  Creo w/SolidWorks sheet metal with examples & exercises as necessary.
  • Compare cross sections in both tools and create a few cross sections as example in both parts & assemblies.
  • Compare Rendering tools.
  • Compare reordering features.
Creo Pirelli Motocross Tire

Creo Pirelli Motocross Tire


Did your company choose to switch design engineering packages?  This course is for those who know one package already and have been tasked to learn the other. This is an introduction to constraint based modeling, assembly, detailing & making changes utilizing the latest release of the package you are switching to. This training course is developed for seasoned users who want to become proficient learning the new package all in one week. We help you learn the software, not read to you from an exercise book. In this course we help design engineers learn how to make changes quickly to set them up for becoming expert faster. As with all Design-Engine classes participants keep the training material login and password for life.

Video Training Delivery System:

Ask your Design Engine account manager about the Design-Engine Video Training Delivery System or TDS for short. We have prepared this entire class in an easy to follow guide for designers and engineers who may want this TDS as a supplement to this course. Call today to speak to an account manager about the details at 312.226.8339

*Please note that prices listed on this page are based upon pre-payment prior to the start of the class and does not include the Design-engine Video training Delivery System. The TDS is available as an additional cost to this course. Call for details 312.226.833

As the main instructor for Design-engine Bart teaches many of the PTC Creo & the Solidworks Surfacing classes. When he is not developing new training material you will find him on motorcycles, bicycles or on a skateboard. He loves any kind of racing on two wheels.

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