What is this mysterious thing? A chair? Vaccum cleaner? Oxygen generator? None of the above. This product by Sebastien Sauvage call the “Eclipse” is actually a phone. It super slick with no wire attached. The Eclipse is a DECT phone, which consists of a base unit and handset embedded together in a single and continuous ellipsoidal form factor. The curved contours combined with the visual absence of keypad and screen contribute to its minimalistic and sculptural aspect which challenges conventional assumptions about telephone design without compromising on the comfort and functionality. Equipped with a crystal clear display and High Quality Duplex speakerphone, it comes with all the features expected. Eclipse was designed to fill the needs of those who want a timeless design in today’s world of home communication. If you pick up Eclipse DECT, without its upper part it will look as if it were the moon during a lunar eclipse. Hence the word “eclipse”, in the title of this unusual, highly aesthetic and functional desk phone.

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Eclipse Home Phone Eclipse Home Phone Eclipse Home Phone Eclipse Home Phone Eclipse Home Phone

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