Are you a person that spends half their life behind a screen? Then if you’re like me, you’re probably thinking that a little bit more exercise should go into your daily routine. FitDesk introduces the Folding Laptop Exercise Bike, made for it’s users to be able to exercise, while working behind a laptop. Gamers too can use this exercise bike, but instead, using the laptop holder as an armrest. This bike is designed like a basic exercise bike, but it is foldable so that you can take it to wherever you think it will most come in handy, and it is lightweight! The desk on this item is the most useful part. It is pretty stable and has enough room for a mouse. The laptop that would be placed on the desk is actually supported by both the surface and the rubberbands it comes with. This item will suit the lifestyle of someone who is constantly working behind a computer. As a designer myself, I think I will invest in one soon.

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