FlexibleLove is a seating piece of furniture designed by a Taiwanese designer Chishen Chiu. Although most often referred to as a chair, FlexibleLove is capable of taking multiple forms including some that serve sculptural purposes instead of seating. The chair itself is lightweight weighing 25 lbs and is made from recycled paper and wood products. At first glance the structure does not seem stable but it is capable of supporting and seating 16 people side by side. However, there are multiple versions created that are designed for seating less people that do not expand as far as seating 16 people next to one another is generally not too useful.

The chair accomplishes its impressive physical traits with an “accordion-like, honeycomb” weaving. When the chair is compressed to its smallest form the sheets of woven materials have an appearance similar to the pages of a closed book. When expanded the sheet’s structure becomes more apparent as a flexible hexagonal grid capable of bending nearly as the users wishes. Some of the typical demonstrated forms are sofa-like structures with spiraling shapes and round seats similar to the kind of seat placed around a circular table at a restaurant. Some example images are at the bottom of this review although seeing a video makes understanding the movements simpler.

Unfortunately, despite the chair’s cool factors it does have a few functional problems. People do not generally rearrange the furniture in their house so it seems likely that a FlexibleLove in the house would maintain one form. This seems problematic because the chair’s main attraction seems to be this novelty. In addition the chair comes in cardboard color with sides that resemble plywood as it is made of recycled materials. Lastly the chair seems expensive for the materials used to construct it costing $800. However, for a user that is interested in using the chair’s transforming trait this may be overlooked.

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