This modern design, inspired by the classic shape of the martini glass, brings hard and soft elements together to create comfortable and flexible seating. Screwless and glueless, the only components of the Martini Chair are it’s plywood seat, back, and base, and binding elastic string held firm by metal locks. All it’s missing is the perfect garnish. You.

Hard Wood – Sitting smooth. Wood is extremely hard material and sitting on a wooden chair for a long time can be very uncomfortable.

However, with smart use of all wood features such elasticity, sitting should not be uncomfortable any more. Martini chair allows comfortable sitting thanks to molded plywood connected with semi hard rubber string, which allows minimal flexibility in both seat and back supported part of chair.

Chair designs have been reinvented time and time again, with inspiration coming from any where and every where. The Martini chair is another great example of innovative design inspired by every day products. Imagine sitting down on this chair and to feel the expansion of the bottom and back as it perfectly sizes itself to your body. Yes, it looks like it will flip forward on you. That’s what draws you to the design, the wonder and the curiosity. Couple a set of the Martini chairs with a dinner table in your contemporary  dining room and you will be the envy of your neighbors, no doubt.

The ergonomics of the chair are surprisingly on cue, with the unique suspended bottom and back the chair provides welcome comfort. There are a multitude of chairs on the market that are creative and innovative. The Martini Chair is one that stands alone, the design of the chair is like none other and stands alone in sitting apparatuses.

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Martini Chair Martini Chair

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