The Motorcycle Toilet

This design of the good ol’ loo may expensively replace thin paper seat covers or those saran-wrapped seats that cycle through with a press of a button prior to excusing yourself. Because if these two technologies are not available, then why not utilize a motorcycle-inspired toilet designed by Nelson Ayala. And knowing that Design Engine’s Bart Brejcha was convulsing at the thought of such a design for “practical” use, I had to add this to our Product Reviews.

Precise Instructions on How To Use:

Plant your feet firmly on each side of toilet. Insert knees into the padded grooves of the contraption to support weight comfortably. Support your weight on the bottom half of your body and lean forward at a 45 degree angle. Rest elbows in a suitable position. Release.

So for all the women out there, this would be the answer to our public restroom usage as a much more comfortable and pleasing experience when engaging in the “Squat & Hover” maneuver (that we all just adore… especially after a night of drinking and loss of mobility control).

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Motorcycle Toilet by Nelson Ayala Motorcycle Toilet by Nelson Ayala Motorcycle Toilet by Nelson Ayala

Review Written by: Justina Nguyen

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