How many times have you had the problem of not being able to utilize all the outlets on a power strip? Our office utilizes countless power strips, but I know we use a lot more than we should. It’s also frustrating and annoying to have to rearrange cords and adapters when you’re using different ones and different times. If only there were a more flexible solution to these power strips. Alas, there is! Reclaim those outlets with Pivot Power, an adjustable power strip that holds large adapters in EVERY outlet! The snake-like flexibility allows for a number of combinations to fit any adapter to the power strip. And the price won’t break the break at just under $30. The Pivot Power is approved for use in the United States and Canada. Future versions are planned for a wider international release, although no timeframe has been set.

What would be really cool for future modifications is the ability to add on more outlets. Perhaps each individual outlet that resides in the “flattened sphere” could snap on. There should be a warning against tacking on 100 outlets obviously, but a few extra wouldn’t hurt, especially with the surge protection power they have. Either way, spending a little more for this power strip will actually give you the ability to utilized EVERY outlet on that power strip.

Here are some selling points:


Six adjustable outlets. Finally, every plug fits into every outlet.


672 Joules of rock-solid protection.


Pivots around furniture & hard to reach places.


Six feet of cord with a flat head plug.


ETL/INTERTEK Tested: Control #4002869
Conforms to UL Std No 1363
Certified to CSA std C22.2 No 21

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Pivot Power Pivot Power

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