Design consortium Archirivolto has teamed up with manufacturer Vondom to offer the lightweight and light-in-spirit – and aptly named – Fiesta Bar. The piece is sort of an homage to the familiar ensemble of movable accoutrements that accompanies the summer scene. And while potential detractors might complain that there’s yet another plastic furnishing in the sunny outdoor department, Fiesta Bar represents an improvement on the concept.

The Fiesta Bar is a “roto-molded low density polyethylene” – 100% recyclable and highly resistant to the ravages of the good old ultra violet. Fiesta bar boasts a UV factor of eight, which, according to Vondom, means it will easily withstand 8,000+ hours of sunshine in Florida (that’s about 800 ten hour days, or roughly nine seasons). Fiesta also withstands harsh temperature extremes – from -60 ° C to +80 C – should you leave it outside in Antarctica. The best thing about Fiesta, however, is its ease of assembly, portability, and maintenance. The modular sections simply interlock in the configuration you desire (round, oblong, and squared-off options available) and the whole ensemble floats – should you wish it – on optional lightweight casters.

Vondom offers Fiesta Bar in a wide range of colors: White, Black, Bronze, Steel Grey, Charcoal, Champagne… even Red or Orange, if you desire a particularly vivid brand of summertime flair. There’s even an illuminated option when the sun goes down.

About the Manufacturer: Vondom creates new shapes in A&D that conform to the new realities of limited resources and the old realities of a demanding clientele. Their manufacturing philosophy – born of a good dose of anxiety, so they say – is to create “a new way of understanding the world of furniture, of indoor and outdoor adornment.” To that end, Vondom specializes in rotation moulding, a technique that deeds great versatility in form and function and allows 100% recyclability. Vondom routinely works with renowned designers like Karim Rashid, Claudio Dondoli, and Marco Pocci to create pieces that reflect the manufacturer’s “search for the natural beauty of the product… always bearing in mind the vanguard of contemporary design: simplicity and balance.”

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Fiesta Bar Fiesta Bar Fiesta Bar Fiesta Bar Fiesta Bar Fiesta Bar Fiesta Bar Fiesta Bar Fiesta Bar Fiesta Bar Fiesta Bar

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