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bike frame created with the solidworks catia kernel

SolidWorks Surfacing WEEK TWO: Class-A Surfacing

SolidWorks Surfacing Intensive WEEK TWO Class-A Surfacing Course Duration: 24 Hours (3 days) or 40 Hours (5 days) Tuition: $1,800 /$2500 USD  Overview: The Class-A surfacing instruction covers surfacing electronic pro...
by Bart Brejcha

Solidworks Boat Propeller

SolidWorks Level 3: Advanced Modeling

Level 3: SolidWorks Advanced Modeling  Course Duration: 40 hours Tuition: $2,500 USD Overview: This course is a must for the power users of any major manufacturer, especially in this competitive workplace. This SolidWorks ...
by Bart Brejcha