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Creo Surfacing Training Courses

All Design Engine Creo training classes have customized material. It’s one of many ways we differentiate from those that sell the software.

Manufacturers often tell us that they have a surfacing expert within their organization that are commonly referred to as ‘old school surfacers’. Well, Design Engine has been around for over 25 years! Aren’t we ‘old school surfacers’? The response is often: No, you’re “new school”.

We like the ring of that.

Pro/ENGINEER, now called Creo, has changed quite a bit over the past 20 years.  Designers and Engineers, even PTC Application Engineers, tend to use the software as they were taught a long time ago.  It’s easy to be set in your ways. That is where we come in! The main reason you push your team in the first place is to avoid complacency. At the Design Engine we help manufacturers get a different perspective using these very same tools by presenting new ways to think and new ways to explore design iterations. Some call it Creo Update training or Surfacing classes, but for us it’s about changing the way designers think.

Design Engine helps you renew yourself, expand your team’s services, build collaborative relationships, explore new design processes, establish better communication, expand problem-solving skills, change prototype to the manufacturing process (with respect to modeling technique), and – most importantly push a product designer’s growth.  Call it empowerment. Call it education. Call it consulting. We call it betterment.  At Design Engine, we are infectious in attitude as we help your team grow.

‘Our team builders help create more effective teams through 3d training’

Much of our focus is on model management techniques focused on changing models and designs easily. “It’s not how fast you model, but how fast you change the model twenty times that makes you an expert” explains our facilitators during classes. Helping you reinvent your process aids in quoting projects more efficiently and helps you meet your manager’s expectations in a more timely manner. Don’t get us confused with those teach the software packages. They use a book. We are about teaching you to create a natural exchange between design and engineering teams and helping participants create a mutual language for greater understanding. To do this we utilize your ability to problem solve and make everything a puzzle.  We help DESIGN ENGINE participants become more effective communicators. We will help you create more effective team members through this learning experience.

Learn Creo Surfacing

Creo Surfacing: WEEK ONE

Creo Curves & Surfaces: Week One Alternate

Creo Surfacing: WEEK TWO

Creo Surfacing Level 1: Robust Surfacing Techniques

Creo Surfacing Level 2: Advanced Surfacing

Creo Surfacing Level 3: Custom Surfacing

Creo Surfacing Level 4: Restyle & Reverse Engineering REX

Creo Surfacing Level 5: Advanced Import to Create Parametric Surfaces

Creo Surfacing Level 6: Creo Style ISDX

Creo Surfacing Level 7: Continuity Style/A-Class Surfacing

Creo Surfacing Level 8: Advanced Surface Modeling with Surface Edit

Creo Surfacing Level 9: Aircraft Forms

Creo Surfacing Level 10: Freestyle Subdivisional Modeling

Creo Surfacing Level 11: Parametric & Surfacing Intensive

Creo Level 11: Import Data Doctor

Creo Reverse Engineering classes

Creo Reverse Engineering WEEK long intensive

As the main instructor for Design-engine Bart teaches many of the PTC Creo & the Solidworks Surfacing classes. When he is not developing new training material you will find him on motorcycles, bicycles or on a skateboard. He loves any kind of racing on two wheels.