FEA Training Courses

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Mechanical Engineers and Product Designers need to possess many skills to be effective. Not only must they be technical in 3D programs such as Creo or SOLIDWORKS, but they must also become better communicators when it comes to brainstorming and sketching. In this week long intensive you will learn that visual thinking is key in creativity and design. What is visual thinking? It is a way to organize your thoughts and improve your ability to think and communicate by using using tools such as pen and paper, tablets, or CAD.

Though CAD is fundamental for engineering and creating products, it is more for detailed design rather than creativity. H.McKim explains the term “idea sketching” as a part of visual thinking. The generation of ideas is a critical element in the product development and design process. In the early stages you don’t want to waste time, instead you want to increase quantity of ideas. Using process of elimintaion and scrutinization come much later in the design process.

SolidWorks Simulation - Intro to Simulation

This class covers capabilities available in the Solidworks Simulation Professional (formerly Cosmos) Software...

FEA Workshop: Workflow Based Approach

3D simulation tools are designed to put the laws of physics AT YOUR FINGERTIPS...

SolidWorks Simulation - Premium Dynamics

This class focuses on an in-depth investigation of the dynamic response of structures using the Solidworks Simulation Premium software...

Ansys - Intro to Ansys

This course is a 5-day introduction intensive to Ansys Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software using the popular Ansys Workbench software, focusing on the capabilities of the Ansys Mechanical license...