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Product Development

Offering innovation, design, and engineering for product development. Design Engine embodies a design approach that blends elegance, simplicity, and international culture into relevant and engaging results to transform markets.   Fill out our contact form now inquiring for a capabilities overview.  We can present our capabilities in 30 min or less.

Utilize design, insights and strategy to create identities which bring brands to life that people love. We combine industrial design, artful graphic design, packaging, structural engineering, immersion-led insights and strategic innovations & positioning to support your product development launch.

Blend Industrial Design, thoughtful aesthetics, engineering expertise and life experience to create simple, beautiful & desirable products that disrupt markets worldwide.

Utilize industry leading knowledge to solve issues around how things work: FEA, 3D scanning, component sourcing & manufacturing; Implementation, Design, & Analysis Recovery.

We collaborate with our clients and partners at a projects inception to develop a strong framework for successful commercialization.

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