Creo Reverse Engineering WEEK long intensive


This week-long course is made of four two-day classes and presented using a variety of examples all using your version of Creo. This training will cover managing mass STEP and IGES data, making repairs, and managing faceted or STL data from scans using PTC REX. This course is for your team to become the reverse engineering experts within the organization. In the end, all this geometry may need to be parametrically updatable to manage iterative design changes between running FEA or the CFD. This course can be created for reverse engineering a wide variety of geometry from sheet metal products, consumer products, plastic components, compound surfaces, and manifolds.  We customize this course from form fit to watercraft, and auto accessories to armor on battle tanks.

scanned from clay the grip surfaces were developed using Creo REX


This five-day intensive is made up of four two-day classes and can be customized if our team is granted access to your project ahead of time. This course covers:

  1. Creo Import Data Doctor,
  2. Creo Flexible Modeling Extension FMX
  3. Creo Surfacing: Restyle & Reverse Engineering REX 
  4. Creo Surfacing: Advanced Import to Create Parametric Surfaces


40 Hours


Proficiency in Creo software is a plus.