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Remote courses

Getting away may be difficult. We offer online remote training with our expert instructors with Zoom or Teams.

Onsite training

Design Engine will come to your facility to offer our knowledge and expertise directly to your team. Using in a five day format.


Stuck on a project? Let our product design and engineering teams assist.  Ask for a capabilities overview now by filling out our contact form  

What our training particpants say

Upcoming 3D CAD Training


Creo Training
Introduction to constraint-based modeling, assembly, and detailing utilizing the latest release of Creo design engineering software...


Creo Surfacing and surface modeling
This class is imperative for product designers who are pushing the new Creo surfacing tools, and product designers who lead the design teams of major manufactures...


Creo Reverse Engineering
This week-long course is made of four two-day classes and is presented using a variety of examples all using your version of Creo...
2024 PTC User Group

Let’s give a big shout-out to Bart Brejcha for his presentation on “How Top-Down Design Evolved Within PTC” at the 2024 PTC USER Group in Orlando Florida! 

Renderings from a 3D CAD training class with the Design Engine logo

Creo, SolidWorks, Maya and more!

Design Engine has helped thousands of 3D CAD professionals excel in their careers, and has elevated the skills and capabilities of some of the biggest companies in the world with our 3D CAD training and product design solutions. Our instructors create better, more efficient designers and engineers. Design Engine understands that managers want their teams to work smarter, not harder, resulting in saving both time and money.  Our clients range from small, privately owned businesses to large, international corporations. Our services are geared towards Mechanical Engineers, Design Engineers, Industrial Designers, Digital Artists, or anyone looking to strongly communicate design processes. From FEA to Surface Modeling, Plastic Part Design to Rendering, our group of experts prides themselves on teaching practical design tool workflow with speed and efficiency.

Design Engine's Unique Programs

Small workshop sizes with more opportunity for individualized attention

Customized programs tailored to fit the specific needs of your organization 

Remote training courses available to reflect the current landscape

Renowned instructors with decades of industry expertise and knowledge

Engaging workshops that break the traditional book read training paradigm

Holistic teaching style that creates efficient and effective team members