Solidworks top down design exercise . Replace standard trucks with spring steel version.

SOLIDWORKS Training Courses

SOLIDWORKS Training Courses 2019

What new things are you this year? We are all about learning at Design Engine. We will help you adopt a robust and resilient modeling workflow. Designers and engineers already learn quickly on their own, but with these workflow oriented Solidworks training courses, we facilitate the learning process so your team can learn as much as possible and as fast as possible. That’s why we offer small class sizes with often two or three participants at a time.

These SolidWorks training courses include topics such as manufacturing (ie die casting), SolidWorks plastic part design, and sheet metal & forging classes which are all geared at learning how to design with SolidWorks. The courses range from part design, top down design, large assemblies and detail drawings. All DESIGN ENGINE SolidWorks training classes focus on core-modeling skills with respect to a manufacturing or prototyping process.

We don’t simply teach the software packages. We are more about helping you create a natural exchange between design and engineering teams. This helps participants create a mutual language for greater understanding. Let us help you become a more effective communicator or help your team become more effective team members.

We also offer two full weeks of SolidWorks Surfacing training classes that focus on basic model management techniques for changing models or designs in a resilient & robust way. This is part of our SOLIDWORKS training mission. We also help participants use other designer’s or engineer’s models more effectively which will help you become more effective to your team.

Solidworks has changed quite a bit over the past 20 years. Designers and engineers, even Application Engineers tend to use the software as they learned a long time ago. It’s easy to be set in your ways of doing things. This is where we come in. At Design Engine, we help manufacturers and their engineers gain a different perspective using the very same tools by presenting new ways to think and new ways to explore design iterations. We don’t just teach SolidWorks. We teach new ways of thinking about the software which allows you to become a more efficient designer or engineer. After all, as humans we are always learning. We simply faciliate the process.

Design Engine helps you renew yourself, expand your team’s services, build collaborative relationships, explore new design processes, establish better communication, expand problem-solving skills, change prototype to the manufacturing process (with respect to modeling technique), and – most importantly push a product designer’s growth.  Call it empowerment. Call it education. Call it consulting. We call it betterment.  At Design Engine, we are infectious in attitude as we help your team grow.

If you are unemployed or about to graduate with an engineering or industrial design degree, consider Design Engine’s four week SOLIDWORKS comprehensive, or the season ticket which gives participants full access to the DESIGN ENGINE studio and all other classes for two years. Think of it as your office at our office here in Chicago.

SOLIDWORKS Training Course: Learning to design using Solidworks

SolidWorks Level 2: Advanced Assembly & Detail Drawings

SOLIDWORKS: Sheet Metal Course

SOLIDWORKS Surface Modeling Classes

Solidworks Surfacing: WEEK ONE

SolidWorks Surfacing WEEK TWO: Class-A Surfacing

SolidWorks Level 3: Advanced Modeling

Creo to SolidWorks or SolidWorks to Creo

SOLIDWORKS Manufacturing classes

Plastic Part Design for Injection Molding SOLIDWORKS or CREO

Die Cast Part Design Intensive

Forging Part Design Workshop


SolidWorks Simulation Level 1: Intro to Simulation

SolidWorks Simulation Level 2: Premium Dynamics

four week SOLIDWORKS classes

SolidWorks: Four Week Comprehensive