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Class Directory

Alias Training

Alias Four Week Comprehensive

Alias Modeling for Tools

Alias Rendering Intensive

Class A Alias Autostudio Surfacing

Designing with Alias Design, Surface or Autostudio

Learning to Design Using Alias


Creo Training

Creo Advanced Assembly Training & Intensive

Mastering Creo Sheetmetal Training

Creo Advanced Modeling Training

Advanced User Custom Training

Creo Behavioral Model Extension

Creo Cable Harness Training Week One

Creo Cable Harness Week Two

Creo Four Week Comprehensive

Creo Milling Training for Prototyping

Creo Sheetmetal Training –

Creo Update Training

Design for Additive Manufacturing

Creo Detailed Drawing & Assembly

Creo Flexible Modeling Training Extension FMX

Creo GD&T Training

Creo IDD Training – Import Data Doctor

Introduction to Creo Training

Learning Creo for Industrial Designers

Creo Training: Learn to Design –

Creo Mechanism Dynamics Intensive

Creo Mold Design

Creo Rendering with Keyshot

Schematics Training

Learn Creo coming from Solidworks training –

Creo Top-Down Design Training

Creo Reverse Engineering Training

Creo Reverse Engineering Week Long Intensive

Creo Surfacing Training

Advanced Creo Surfacing

Creo Advanced Import to Create Parametric Surfaces

Creo Advanced Surface Modeling using Style Surface Edit

Creo Aircraft Forms Training –

Creo Continuity Style/Class A Surfacing

Creo Restyle & Reverse Engineering REX

Creo Style Traning ISDX

Creo Surfacing  Training Week One

Creo Surfacing Week One Alternative Curves & Surfaces

Creo Surfacing Week Two

Creo Custom Surfacing

Creo Freestyle ‘Sub’D (Subdivisional Modeling

Creo Import Data Doctor Training

Creo Parametric & Surfacing Intensive

Creo Robust Surfacing Techniques

Design for Engineers Training

Idea Generation Facilitation Workshop

Sketching as a Form of Communication for Engineers

FEA Training

Industrial Design Training

Keyshot Training

Rendering with Keyshot & Creo

Rendering with Keyshot & Rhino

Rendering with Keyshot & SolidWorks

Maya Training

Maya 3D Animation Training –

Maya 3D Rendering training Intensive

Maya Advanced 3D Dynamics

Maya Character Development & Modeling Intensive

Maya Training: A Fast Track to Learning Maya 3D

Maya for Industrial Designers

Maya Four Week Comprehensive

Z-Brush Sculpting Workshop

MODO Training

Rhino Training

SolidWorks Training