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Keyshot Training Courses

Keyshot is a powerful, easy to use 3D rendering and animation software. It is the industry standard for creating beautiful and professional renderings of the products you create. While it’s incredibly easy to pick up and use, training is crucial to achieving the dramatic photorealistic renderings it’s famous for.

Rendering with Creo & Keyshot

Rendering with SolidWorks & Keyshot

Rendering with Rhino & Keyshot

Learning to Design with SolidWorks at Northwestern University

Interested in Keyshot training?

Design Engine’s courses are designed to build on top of whichever software you use to create your 3D models, and can also be bundled into our training courses for Rhino, Solidworks, and PTC Creo. Click the links below to see how Keyshot training will work for your team.

These courses are designed to teach you to create hyper-real images of your 3D models. Whether you’re an expert in Creo, SolidWorks, or Rhino, with Keyshot training you will learn how to make sleek and professional images to share your projects with colleagues and other professionals. We believe that high-quality renders are essential to improve the design process, it helps visualize your models before manufacture.

Keyshot can create photorealistic results of images. The results are far beyond in realism form what you can expect from standard 3D softwares. Used by more experienced users of 3D software such as Creo, SolidWorks or Rhino, Keyshot training with Design Engine can take your models to the next level. 

Keyshot has become the industry standard tool among industrial designers. But also ideal for Packaging, Product, Transportation, Jewelry Design, personal projects and other visual arts.

Key features that make Keyshot unique: 

  • Real-time fast rendering engine
  • Global illumination options
  • CAD data friendly (import 40 different formats)
  • Advance Rendering Layers
  • Enables to make simulations and animations
  • Improved user interface and customizable workspace
  • Physics Simulation with real gravity effects
  • Network Rendering with Render Farms
  • Includes a wide range of advance material and realistic textures
  • Industry standard color libraries such as Pantone
  • HDRI Editor for realistic lighting
  • Includes a cut-away model feature
  • Export render layers in PSD format
  • Import files that already contain cameras sets
  • Import files that already contain animation time frames
  • And a Rounded Edges tool