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December 19th, 2010

Are Our Deep T-Shirts the New Louis Vuitton?

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Written by: justinanguyen
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Back in 1994, when Ace of Base’s “The Sign” held the #1 spot of the Billboard Year-End Hot 100 chart, web and graphic designer Sam Jennings came up with the grande design of Deep Interactive’s logo. After working with Deep Interactive, he went on to work for Prince and NPG Records for several years, doing all the creative design work including CDs, DVDs, tour books, merchandise, advertising, murals, photo retouching, and handling all of Prince’s web design. In addition, he ran Prince’s entire online operation. This past year, he worked with the band Pearl Jam expanding their web presence and launching their most recent CD.

Turn our logo 180 degrees and what do you see? Did it even change? (insert ooh’s and ahh’s here.) The d and p are a 180 degree turn of each other, while the e‘s are vertical reflections of each other.

Though simple, our logo does get us a lot of attention by the symmetry + asymmetry of its concept. Deep Interactive is the web design/development and marketing sector of  Design Engine.

And what does the word “deep” convey?

According to (there are 41 entries, so we’ve narrowed them to mold to what we think somehow relates to our company):


1. extending far down from the top or surface
3. extending far in width; broad
8. extending or cutting far down relative to the surface of a given object
10. reaching or advancing far down
15. not superficial; profound
17. heartfelt; sincere
18. absorbing; engrossing
19. great in measure; intense; extreme
23. having penetrating intellectual powers: a deep scholar.
24. profoundly cunning or artful
26. immersed or involved; enveloped: a man deep in debt.
32. the part of greatest intensity
35. to or at a considerable or specified depth
36. far on in time

We are passionate about what we do and our name describes how we work and think – profound, intense, artful, extending beyond the depths, immersed, involved, engrossed.

Recently, Deep Interactive decided to print t-shirts for our clients and ourselves. Ryan Frohriep of designed the shirts, integrating the deep logo with Chicago flag. His company, Tropicolor Print Shop in Osprey, Florida, then printed 100 shirts and shipped them to us in just a couple of weeks.

Everyone seems to be wanting a piece of the action.

Seriously, why wouldn’t you want a piece of Deep Interactive and Design Engine?

Contact us for details on how to snag yourself one.

Article Written by: Justina Nguyen

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Deep Interactive T-Shirts by Tropicolor Print Shop Deep Interactive 3D logo

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