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February 24th, 2012

Design Research Methods Workshop With TEAMS Design

TEAMS Design is hosting another Design Research Methods Workshop on Sunday March 4th.

The workshop is a ‘primer’ aimed at practicing professionals who want to gain an understanding of ethnographic research methods for design.

Design research has become a required skill for a working designers, marketers and engineers, but very few are trained in these skills. At the start of the workshop, Paul Hatch will briefly present some case studies where ethnographic research has made a sizable impact on TEAMS Design’s work. Rob Curedale then takes us through the full workshop, providing a rounded set of tools on how to implement ethnographic research.

Last year’s workshop introduced participants from diverse backgrounds such as industrial design, engineering, marketing, sales, graphic design, and architecture to the emerging field of ethnographic design research in a very accessible way. This year’s workshop aims to repeat that experience.

Follow the links on the TEAMS site for more information and registration.

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