Road America Trackmap

Road Racing Track Maps

Here we will post a wide variety of track maps  over the next few weeks & months for the racers & Track Day folks who are interested.  Email me to discuss new Maps or changes to existing maps.

These tracks are created slightly wider than the equivalent google earth plan view or aerial view of the race track  so that we might better make notes and draw race lines.  Notice below each JPG of the track you have the Track Map PDF for the download.  Simply right click over the PDF link to save the pdf to your drive as you may want to print those for your friends.    Many of the notes are for Bart’s racing efforts and the notes are for 600 sportbike racing efforts esp with respect to sprocket notes, gear indications and braking references on the track maps.

The track maps are created using Adobe Illustrator the same software most professional graphic designers use to design logos and most vinyl graphics are created with.   Design Engine is a school and you should know we teach this software among other packages.

Added Mid Ohio Course May 2019

Mid Ohio Track Map 2019
Mid Ohio Track Map PDF 2019
Road America Trackmap
Road America Trackmap  roadamerica04.pdf
Bart Brejecha PDF map for Roebling road March 2016
Bart Brejecha PDF map for Roebling road March 2016  ROEBLINGROAD03.PDF
Blackhawk Farms Track Map Sept 2015
Blackhawk Farms Track Map Sept 2015   11x17blackhawk06.PDF
Grattan Track Map
Design Engine Grattan Track Map in reverse  grattan02.PDF
Design Engine Homestead trackmap Homestead Miami 05
Design Engine Gingerman Trackmap
Design Engine Gingerman Trackmap gingerman02
BIR Short Course Design Engine trackmap
BIR Short Course Design Engine trackmap  BIR01-Shortcourse05a
Autobahn North Course
Autobahn North Course Trackmap autobahnNORTH02.PDF

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