rhino level 3

Rhino: Four Week Comprehensive

Rhino: Four Week Comprehensive Course Duration: Any Combination of Classes Overview: This Rhinoceros 3D Comprehensive workshop will be offered almost every month of the year. Call to inquire: 312.226.8339, financing available. This comprehensive course is available to offer participants the value of comprehensive use of Rhino. It is our mission to deliver, starting the first …

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Rhino Level 3: Flamingo Rendering

Rhino Level 3: Flamingo Rendering Course Duration: 40 hours Overview: Rhinoceros 3D is a multi-disciplinary NURBS modeling software used in a variety of applications and industries. Rhino modeling and surfacing can be used to develop any number of products including jewelry, automobiles, optics and computer hardware, just to name a few. This course covers general …

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