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clutch spring Creo 6.0
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Webinar: Flexible Clutch Spring Model

Stuck inside working from home or furloughed? We pose the question: What are you learning this year? Proactive individuals look to obtain new skills and abilities. Design Engine is providing solutions to remain productive during this unknown duration of social distancing with various learning initiatives. We have always offered online classes using video conferencing and now it is essential. 

Design Engine does not simply teach the software packages from a book or lead you with menu clicks.  We help designers and engineers create or mature a natural exchange between teams within an organization. This ultimately teaches them to utilize a mutual design language for greater understanding. Design Engine participants become more effective 3D CAD communicators and stronger team members through training. Come learn with us!

Bart Brejcha will take a deep dive into the basics of building a flexible clutch spring using equations and placing them all within an assembly using flexible components in Creo. He will be have a Q&A based off the Helical Spring Video: Parts 1 & 2 on our YouTube page.



Syntax for Trajpar needed for the webinar


where ‘angle01’ is a graph feature & 100 is the magnitude of the graph



where a1 and a2 are parameters


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