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April 12th, 2017

Creo 4.0 Update Training

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Written by: Bart
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creo 4.0 light bulb

Creo 3.0 or Creo 4.0 Update Training

Course Duration: 16 hours/40 hours

Tuition: $1000 USD/$2,300 USD

Overview: Students will grasp parametric modeling techniques in Creo that they are currently familiar with in previous versions of Pro/Engineer. Students will learn the new user interface and how to navigate and manipulate it to there specific needs. Participants will also study and use Sketch Utilities, Part Mode, Assembly Mode, Create feature relations, Modify features, and Edit Definition of features using Creo 3.0 or Creo 4.0 when it comes out.

Students will compare and contrast differences of Creo 4.0 to previous releases such as Creo 2.0, Wildfire 5.0, and earlier Pro/ENGINEER versions. There has been a great deal added to Creo that your team may have missed over the years since Wildfire 2.0 or previous that your instructor may present in this class that can significantly benefit your team performance.  Not just whats new in the latest release.  

Projects: Design Engine is flexible and we often customize our training upon student manufacture interests or job requirements. Always ask to speak to an instructor before coming to class.

Creo propeller

Creo propeller

Prerequisites: General knowledge of Learn Creo Level 1 or time with Creo.
Onsite Training: This and all Design-engine courses are offered onsite at your facility also. Call to speak to an account manager to arrange a class 312.226.8339 today.


  • General interface differences and highlight changes with the new release of Creo
  • Reorder/ Reroute in detail
  • Chordal/constant width rounds
  • Insert Mode. Create complex relations
  • Parameters and Family Tables
  • Simplified Reps in both Part mode and Assembly mode
  • Learn to exist within Failure Mode and utilize Insert Mode
  • Work with Complex Sweeps and Blends i.e. maintain Draft in Sweeps
  • New tools in surfacing in Creo 4.0
  • Copy Paste & Copy Paste Special
  • New sheet metal
  • Manage ‘Warp’ functionality with new Warp Functions
  • Projections and Wrap
  • Overview of new Assembly functions
  • Overview of Top Down tools and discuss differences
  • New Fasteners in Creo 4.0
  • Opening and Orienting Design Models
  • Navigator, Folder Browser, and integrated Web Browser
  • Modifying design models
  • Techniques for selecting Components, Features, and Geometry
  • Editing Feature Dimensions
  • Editing Feature Definition using the Dashboard
  • Creating Direct Features
  • Lead and follow workflows
  • Sketcher enhancements
  • Datum Tools: Axis, Plane, Points, and Coordinate Systems
  • Datum Curves: Project, Wrap, and Intersect
  • Internally Grouping Datum Features
  • Editing Surfaces: Copy, Move, Offset, Mirror, Merge, and Trim
  • Creating Solids from Surfaces: Thicken and Solidify
  • Editing Features: Pattern and Fill Pattern
  • Creating Surfaces: Fill
  • Managing design models: creating Cross Sections, Relations, and Parameters Interface
  • Layers and the Layer Tree
  • Search tool
  • Rendering with Mental Ray in Creo
  • Making textures
  • Managing Parent/Child relationships
  • Using the Web Browser for Feature and Model information
  • Creating and modifying assemblies
  • View Manager: Simplified Reps, Style Reps, Symbolic Reps, Explode States, and Saved Orientations
  • Flexible Components and Component Interfaces
  • Interface enhancements
  • Repeat Regions and BOMs
  • Discover the Freestyle tool: Sub Divisional modeling inside of Creo 4.0
  • Detailing enhancements with respect to the latest ANSI standards
  • whats new in Sheet metal
  • Drawing enhancements with Creo 4.0 
Creo 4.0 Dog Toy import

Creo 4.0 Dog Toy import into Import Data Doctor


  • Discuss how Creo tools and functions have matured over the years and how they may evolve in the future
  • Discuss how other manufactures use top down design with new releases of Creo
  • Compare and contrast User interface, workflow and functions of Creo 4.0 to earlier versions of Creo.
  • Compare Freestyle with earlier releases of Creo
  • Updating and customizing Creo 3.0 or Creo 4.0 user interface
  • Discuss new ways to edit references
  • whats new in Creo 3.0 or Creo 4.0 Sheet metal
  • use 3D thickness checking tools
  • Enhanced draft analysis display
  • Terms & Vocabulary changes
  • New connection analysis tools


This class is a serious refresher to Creo 3.0 or Creo 4.0 and whats new functionality wise plus new in the user interface. This Creo Update training course is developed not for new users but for those who are already familiar with Pro/ENGINEER or Creo previous releases and for those who want to become proficient fast and Quick so to leverage new tools inside of this powerful too set. We help you learn Creo not read to you from an exercise. In this course we help design engineers learn how to make changes quickly to set them up for becoming expert faster. As with all Design-engine classes participants keep the training material login and password for life.

Video Training Delivery System:

Ask your Design Engine account manager about the Design-engine Video Training Delivery System or TDS for short. We have prepared this entire class in an easy to follow guide for designers and engineers who may want this TDS as a supplement to this course. Call today to speak to an Account manager about the details 312.226.833

*Please note that prices listed on this page are based upon pre-payment prior to the start of the class and does not include the Design-engine Video training Delivery System. The TDS is available as an additional cost to this course. Call for details 312.226.8339


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Students will grasp parametric modeling techniques using the latest release of Creo or some other specified version if necessary. Participants will study various new features and practice to better incorporate those new functions into their workflow. Participants will compare and contrast differences of Wildfire 5.0 or earlier releases to Creo 4.0

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