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T-Splines for Rhino
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T-Splines Kickoff to Design Engine’s Rhino Class!

Whats Happening?

Design Engine is offering a special FREE event. From Monday, May 2nd to Friday, May 6th, Design Engine will be teaching a special one-week intensive on Rhino. Monday following the week long class, the T-Splines instructor will be presenting a two-hour T-Splines tools on the Monday, May 9th. The same presenter will then be teaching two 1-day T-Splines workshops over the next two days (Tuesday, May 10th & Wednesday, May 11th). Call to obtain availability to Rhino intensive or T-Splines workshops 312.226.8339

Design Engine will be offering BREWSKIES and PIZZA. C’mon, are you really going to pass that up??? And if your a motorcycle person, bring your tires and wheels and we’ll change your tires for you at ‘Design Engine Racing’ garage next door to ‘Design-Engine|Education‘ after the event.

Where’s It At?

Design Engine’s training center is located downtown Chicago’s Market District/West Loop: 120 North Green Street Suite 605. Chicago, IL 60607. When you get to the door, dial 000 at the buzzer and someone will let you in. Tell them you are downstairs and they buzz you in. Take the elevator or stairs to the 6th floor. We’re in Suite 605.

When Is the Event?

Monday, May 9, 2011 7-9pm Come early if you would like.

Sign Up for our One-Week Intensive Rhino Class!

May 2nd through May 6th: Design Engine is teaching a one week Rhino 3D class.


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801.841.1234 (phone) | 801.615.7366 (direct)
T-Splines, Inc. | 34 E 1700 S Suite A143 Provo, UT, 84606, Rhino

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