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WordPress and Modular Programming

Modular programming can be defined as the technique of the creation or use of parts to a larger system that can be interchanged with other similar systems. In more simplified terms, making or using add-ons to a container program. This can be applied to all kinds of systems including WordPress, an open source blog tool and publishing platform for website creation (open source meaning that the back end system is not hidden from users who want to alter it). Some major advantages of modular programming include quick and conceptually simple inclusion of complex codes as well as universality in programming. The modular aspect of a larger system is comparable to the concept of a function or class in programming.

WordPress’s template system has been used to create a number of the web projects at Deep Interactive. The process of a web project using it can begin with finding a template that will serve as a skeleton to a collective body of code. The template can contain any kind of information originally and often contains purposefully nonsensical information such as Lorem Ipsum (Lorem Ipsum is text that resembles Latin and serves the purpose of being placeholder text). Templates that place information and dynamic or complex functions similarly to how the end product should be are often best choices.

After a template has been selected it is uploaded to the WordPress, which is the container to a collection of codes. Within the WordPress environment coded scripts, images, pages, posts, texts, ect can be added. When any of these categories are added or altered they are changed in the appropriate place corresponding to the website. These elements can also be downloaded or found online and included to the website which is where the modular programming aspect and open source philosophy come most into play. Because WordPress is open source and these elements of a website can quickly and easily be added, changed, or removed it makes for a good tool to quickly build a complex website. In addition CSS style sheets can be used to alter the visual appearance of the website as well as the general location of content to make it unique even by comparison to other websites with the same template or modular functions.

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Article Written by: Alex Simes

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