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Target On His Back; CCS RACES @ Autobahn Country Club May 2-3

May 2-3 2015

These blog posts are really geared less at racing and more about the fun off course in the paddock.

Champion Cup Series finally made it to Autobahn Country Club
For the first time in 10 years, the <” target=”new”>Championship Cup Series hosted a race weekend at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, IL. “We are so excited to have a few new race tracks added to the roster” Bart kept telling everyone, going on to explain “I’m so tired of BlackHawk”. In the past CCS would race almost all the rounds at Blackhawk Farms raceway probably because it’s cheaper to rent the track. This year we have added Autobahn Country Club & Gingerman with Road America. Road America is probably the most expensive track to rent on the CCS roster. That Road America round happens at the fourth of July this year.

Autobbahn track PDF map

Autobahn Rumors of a fresh Pavement
We heard the track had been repaved after talking to Eric at the CCS offices in TX early in the spring. “Eric may have heard wrong.” Bart went on to say in his southern accent. “It was the South course that was repaved. North Course was as rough as it gets.” We understand from Eric, who organizes many of the tracks for the following year, that it will be South Course that we race in the spring of 2016.

VP FUELS MR12 fuel cans in Indiana
The Chicago MR 12 shipment did not arrive as it was supposed to. It seems that there were shipment issues with the VP Racing Fuel Truck. A pallet of fuel cans was sitting in Indiana, but none could be found at Autobahn Country club. MR12 is like gold at the track, for those that take the time to tune engines specifically to that fuel. That oxygenated fuel gives 4 to 6 more HP to a 600cc race engine. If you are fast in the turns and get a solid drive out of the turns, you can get away with slower engines or pump fuel. To be competitive however, you really need the MR12.

Elk Sausage
Kit Hanson of Dave Collins and Brad (Dave’s dad) Pit area…. hitting it in the amateur middleweight ranks, walked over to ours and asked us to try his Elk sausage Saturday after the races. The sausage was nutritious and delicious. Kit Hansen actually shot the Elk in Montana at his ranch. Kit and his team are a fine addition to the CCS Family and good people.

Dan Ortega on a Suzuki
Dan Ortega showed up to race on a Suzuki for the weekend. It seemed weird at first, but his engine builder Mark Drucker loaned him a bike. Probably because of some engine work taking longer than expected. Dan seemed to struggle with the set up all weekend. That Red Suzuki grabbed the hole shot from Bart at least three times. Bart doesn’t usually post videos that he wins but there were so many wins this weekend. One Video is available now below Bart’s Youtube Channel Be sure to subscribe.

Crash in Practice
Bart was practicing the drive out of turns eight and nine- “it is rough from hard acceleration of the cars out of turn nine” Bart explains. He crashed in Friday’s race practice coming out of T9 because it’s so rough out there; and he struggled getting more speed through that turn but found a line through 8 and 9 that was smooth. Bart raced motocross as a kid and still rides so usually rough stuff on the sportbike with no problem.  His crash was at 70 mph and he dint even get a bruise.

Middleweight Rally
For some inspiration, and to get all the expert 600 racers riled up, Jason Farrell, the racetrack Pirelli dealer, offered up an award of a free set tires for the best 600-lap time on a Pirelli Tire. That got Bart, Josh Rom, Dustin Boyd, Bruce Raub and Kevin Waiter going “real good.” Bart’s best at 01:04.3 took home the new rubber. We are still wondering why his tire bill is so big.

Go Fast… Take Chances
It was really cool to see people out racing for the first time, especially the “Sportbike Tracktime” track day folks. If you frequent the track, you often hear Bart yell out one or two things… “Ride a wheelie” or “go fast take chances”. This race weekend, he may of outdone himself. Sportbike Track Time had the race practice on May 1st. Partly due to that event, many track day riders were racing for the first time as several were pitted near Design-Engine. Bart walked up to the novice racers, or first-time racers, as they were about to go out on track, and told them to “go fast, take chances.” The racers later that day told us that they all crashed, but not after dropping 2 seconds. After all, “you have to crash before you go fast,” as Bart’s dad explained to him during his formative years racing motocross.

It was serious business for the Design-Engine race team looking to show dominance at the new track. Sportbike Tracktime has conducted many track day events at Autobahn, but racing hasn’t happened since 2005. There is a target on the back of Bart Brejcha, who had earned the #1 plate for the 2015 Midwest Region, for scoring more points than any other expert racer. After taking a tumble in practice on Friday, Bart and the bike came away with only minor cosmetic damage. We felt comfortable to start pushing for the track record. However, We did not earn the track record at this event. Fastest 600cc
lap-time doesn’t count.

Autobahn Country Club Supersport Race Sunday May 3rd 2015

Social Media Bart Brejcha

Autobahn Race Results May 2-3 2015
Saturday, May 2, 2015
Middleweight SuperBike 1st Place
Middleweight GP 1st Place
Heavyweight SuperBike 1st Place
Middleweight SuperSport 1st Place
Heavyweight SuperSport 1st Place

Sunday, May 3, 2015
GTU 25 min race 2nd Place
Heavyweight SuperSport 1st Place
Middleweight SuperSport 1st Place
Heavyweight SuperBike 1st Place
Middleweight GP 1st Place
Middleweight SuperBike 2st Place


Brian practicing his communication skills (sign language for Bart)
Brian practicing his communication skills (sign language for Bart)
Bart about to go and win a race!
Bart about to go and win a race!
Bart Brejcha with Jason Farrell after receiving the cash award from ASI
Bart Brejcha with Jason Farrell after receiving the cash award from ASI for 1st and 2nd in the 25 minute GTU roadrace
The new Design Engine graphics for the 2015 racing season
The new Design Engine graphics for the 2015 racing season
Bart Joe Rylie and Max in the back ground
Bart ,Joe Ryley and Max Umbs in the back ground
Bart's personal notes for Autobahn North CCS race weekend May 2-3
Bart’s personal notes for Autobahn North CCS race weekend May 2-3 Autobbahn track PDF map

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