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Adobe Photoshop Level 2: Mastering Photoshop


Adobe Photoshop is widely recognized as one of the premier still-image manipulation software packages available on the market. Its applications are employed by photographers, video experts, animators and designers to render stunning pictures and create high definition imagery. This is an expert level Adobe Photoshop training course. It will help you explore the far corners of the software. Even if you thought you knew everything there is to know about the program, we will show you so much more. This course will also train you to use Photoshop regularly in the workplace and/or help you develop a high-end portfolio. Adobe Level 1: Understanding Photoshop is highly recommended as a prerequisite for mastering Photoshop.


  • Updating to the most current version.
  • Using Adobe Bridge
  • Advanced Photo Corrections
  • Mastering Selections
  • Layer Applications
  • Vector Masks and Shapes.
  • Color balancing for any image.
  • Advanced 3-party filters.
  • Comprehensive understanding of image quality with respect to composition and design.


16 hours (2 days)


Understanding Photoshop Course or vast knowledge already about the software.


How to prepare for web vs. print. Discuss workflow using Photoshop with other Adobe applications as well as CAD programs. Discuss online tutorials.

A screen shot of a hat with the DE logo on it for Photoshop Level 2