Adobe Illustrator Level 1: Intro to Illustrator

Saving images in Illustrator

Course Duration: 16 hours

Prerequisites: Open mind and an interest to communicate with graphic design. Knowledge of color theory and composition is helpful but not necessary.

Overview: Illustrator is a vector-based graphics software in the Adobe arsenal of software products. Adobe Illustrator offers advanced 2D and 3D graphics manipulation and configuration to increase efficiency in the design workflow. The purpose of this Adobe Illustrator training course is to get you acquainted with the basics of Illustrator and to rapidly familiarize you with all the possibilities of the software. This course will also train you to use Illustrator regularly in the workplace and/or help you develop a competitive portfolio. Students will learn to use Illustrator for creating web graphics, printables, and much more! Participants will also explore creative effects with layers, brushes, and other tools.

Discussion: Understand how to prepare images for web vs. print, discuss how to move back and forth between different Adobe software and learn tips and tricks to make for successful graphic design!


  • Getting to know the User Interface (UI) and tools
  • Using Adobe Bridge
  • Layer basics
  • Using the pen tool
  • Using shapes to build graphics
  • Using Typography
  • Using brushes
  • How to select and organize artwork
  • How to save projects for print vs the web


  • Become familiar with the Illustrator workspace.
  • Learn selection techniques.
  • Learn to create your own business card
  • Learn to create your own logo
  • Learn how to create your own character
  • Learn to create your own poster or brochure
  • Learn to prepare final art for web and print.

The 16-hour class covers many basics of Illustrator. This course description, however, is for the 40-hour class. In order to cover ALL of this curriculum, the 40-hour class needs to be taken, especially since our students get to participate using Illustrator.