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Corporate Training for Competitive Edge

Updating employees’ skills and preparing them for career advancement will result in a more productive workforce. This is beneficial for employers and employees alike. Because it helps them obtain or hone their knowledge and skills, they progress both professionally and personally. Workplace learning is critical to the success of an organization’s business. Many suffer from a skills gap, where it takes seasoned professionals 3-5 years to yield desired results. An ATD survey of 2,500 companies found that those with corporate training program have 218% higher revenue per employee. This, in turn, results in 24% higher profit margins.

Training equals profits

Closing the Skills Gap

Executives are increasingly looking to attracting and retain talent by ensuring their people have the right skills for today and tomorrow. It is important for managers to:

  • Identify and assess skills gaps.
  • Provide continual learning opportunities for employees
  • Understand the impact that technology has on skill development

Profits are not the only measure of success within an organization. Employee turnover can paint a picture of a company’s culture. Closing known skills gaps and helping employees gain the skills needed to remain competitive will help retain top talent within the organization. Committed, engaged employees are less likely to leave and this can be contributed to corporate training. E-learning increases retention rates by 25% to 60%. However, you must connect the right employees with the right training.

Both soft skills and hard skills are needed for many of the fastest growing job roles. With creativity, collaboration, and flexible approach (i.e. adaptability) being a few soft skills that companies need. Hard skills like AI, UX, CAD and cool acronyms can apply to specific sections of the workforce so look for training programs that can teach both.

Invest in Training

An increased investment in training programs is good for everyone: employees, businesses and new hires. There is a need for organizations and employees to maximize training time, while also achieving the best possible results. E-learning takes 40% to 60% lesser time for employees and students than conventional learning. On average, organizations spent $1,296 per employee in 2017, up 1.7 percent from 2016. The use of technology to deliver training continues to increase; however, more than half of all learning is still delivered live, face-to-face in a traditional classroom. Employees averaged 34.1 hours of training in 2017 and 26% of direct learning expenditures were outsourced. Technology-based learning accounted for 41 percent of learning hours used in 2017. As a result, e-learning has led to an increase in income for 42% of US organizations.

We are Strategic Partners

Design Engine is incredibly passionate about learning. Because we believe that good design should transcend the software, we focus on fundamental design and 3D modeling skills. Our instructors help designers and engineers adopt a robust, resilient modeling workflow and challenge teams to approach problems with new perspectives that facilitate the learning process. We encourage participants in our programs to think about a project from start to finish that includes interdepartmental communication so engineers, designers, managers, and manufacturers will become effective team members. Design Engine helps clients learn practical CAD skills to solve problems and work better by drawing on the knowledge and experiences they already possess.

There are several factors to consider when looking into training opportunities for career advancement with time, money, and location being just a few. But with no end to the pandemic in sight, safety is an additional concern. We offer training courses remotely in order to accommodate the needs of corporate teams and individuals alike. You should NEVER stop learning! If career advancement is a goal of yours, then you will want to always be updated on the latest within any industry.  Check one of our most popular courses Creo Surfacing or find an upcoming class like, SOLIDWORKS Learn to Design (Sept 21-25) or Creo Advanced Assembly (Oct 12-16) on our schedule.

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