Creo Advanced Assembly Training

Course Duration:  40 Hours


Participants in this Creo Advanced Assembly week-long intensive will learn to manage large assemblies with or without top-down design plus various tools utilizing the Creo Advanced Assembly Module.  This course can focus upon large assembly management, Mechanism Design or Creo MDO, welding, Top-Down Design per your products or using top-down design to manage co-injected handheld products.  (or all of the above)

Learn to effectively use Creo Advanced Assembly Extension (AAX) and becoming the expert within your organization.  Learn to use the Advanced Assembly Module to manage large assemblies more effectively offers participants increase design speed, reduces time to make changes & offers more robust models

Creo Shrink wrap training.
Learn to utilize shrink wrap parts to create machining operations then later switch out those parts so no other assembly constraints fail.

Creo AAX streamlines the flow of information from design to manufacturing. This course is a comprehensive focus AAX tools for top-down assembly design, assembly configuration rules management, and assembly process planning.  AAX Tools help designers optimize design solutions and iterations, even custom configurations, in less time than analogous software such as Solidworks.  Learn to manage large assemblies and mitigate assembly & drawing regeneration time.

Creo large assembly management
learn to mitigate the time needed to manage large assemblies with models like this cab.

Participants have the option to customize this course to fit their specific job requirements so you are able to learn exactly what you need. Call today and ask us how this and other classes can be administered on weekends for more than two participants.


Project Based Discussion:


Advanced assembly (non top down design)  The instructor has a multitude of parts and assemblies for class room participation.

patterned tank tread Creo 6.0
patterned tank tread using Creo 6.0

Large Assembly Management Making large assemblies more manageable.

Merkava Tank
Learn to manage large assemblies with this Merkava Tank Assembly with over 5 thousand parts. Mount various accessories using simplified versions of the welded hull.

Top down Design


Click To View Images for the Creo Advanced Assembly AAX course:

Creo Advanced Assembly AAX
creo mechanism spring force
Creo Advanced Assembly AAX
Learn to utilize flexible components
Creo Advanced Assembly AAX
delineate piece parts from the skeleton model
Piston and Rod assembly created using a skeleton part in Creo
Piston and Rod assembly created using a skeleton part in Creo

Design-Engine created this comprehensive Advanced Assembly Management course to aid engineering teams to effectively make changes utilizing the latest release of Creo. This Creo training course is developed for newer and seasoned users alike who want to become proficient at creating and managing small and large assemblies, all during the duration of the course. We help you learn Creo AAX for developing products and respective assemblies, not by reading to participants from an exercise, but by solving problems with this powerful tool set. This course can cover 6 hours sheet metal, contingent on participant request. All Design-Engine courses help design engineers learn how to make changes quickly, and allow users to become an expert in Creo quicker than self-directed learning. Design-Engine class participants are allowed access the web-based training tutorials used in class for life.

Onsite Training: This and all Design-engine courses are offered onsite at your facility also. Call to speak to a Design-Engine account manager to arrange a class 312.226.8339 today.

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Prerequisite: learning Creo Training level 1 is recommended but not necessary however a significant understanding and previous use of Creo or Pro/ENGINEER will be helpful.