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Advanced Creo Simulate


This class focuses on an in-depth investigation of the dynamic response of structures using the Advanced Creo Simulate software. We will simulate spline sweeps, saw-tooth shock profiles, and power spectral density graphs. Participants will learn how to optimize the strength-to-weight ratio of designs by reviewing mode shapes, resonant frequencies, stresses & deflections. Ultimately, we’ll investigate fatigue and learn how to calculate the lifetime of the designs. As always, our focus will be on workflow and how it mimics that of the validation testing conducted.

Creo Simulation Piston Rod Analysis


  • Fundamental theories of Dynamics
  • Harmonics & Vibration
  • Resonant modes (Modal Analysis)
  • Shock Response
  • Random Vibration (PSD)
  • Fatigue Failure
  • Design for Military/Aerospace Applications
  • Testing methods


40 hours 

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Introduction to CREO Simulate or equivalent experience

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