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What Is The Deal With Adobe XD?

Are you a vector-based designer yearning to design UX/UI for websites and apps? Well, the future is here and it is Adobe XD! In March of 2016, XD launched its first public beta run for macOS users and Windows users saw a launch later that year in December. It is the perfect Adobe program for creating wireframes and mockups for web-based applications. It was literally created for it.

This program is extremely helpful in communicating design ideas because it allows the user to see how the interface should be used…almost as if the user was using it in real-time. The user can design the interface and move over to the prototype tab where they can wire and animate the design for clients. It’s super easy to learn, even for first time Adobe users. It’s an especially easy transition if you are already familiar with other Adobe Creative Suite products such as Photoshop or Illustrator.

In Prototype mode, you can wire overlays and play them on the preview screen

Don’t let Adobe XD’s simple user-friendly interface fool you. Adobe XD allows you to create designs using components, voice design, responsive resize, repeat grid, prototype, plugins and much more. You can even send the prototypes to be viewed through your phone with the Adobe XD app! So what are you waiting for UX/UI designers? Download Adobe XD and if you need any training, give us a ring to set up an Adobe XD class today.

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