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Why User-Friendly Apps Are the New Gold Standard

Despite the reality that few people can understand or create computer code, computers are everywhere. Of course, the most prevalently used form of computer in the world is the smartphone. Mobile app developers have had to write much more user-friendly apps since the average person is not a programmer. Here you will find a discussion of why complex software programmers are still needed; a look at the characteristics of a truly user-friendly app; and see if your favorite one falls on the list.

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Tech-Savvy Whiz Still Necessary

It is important to know that most of the apps you use are fairly simple programs. Even those that beckon you from your phone have a user interface(UI). Many times, however, that seemingly simple app dovetails into a much more massive series of programs that has us engaged for hours. Plus, they combine and sort through complex algorithms providing data to those who want to know all about you. Really good coders and complex programs are needed to ride herd on information generated by app users. To make the software work for us and to mean something for developers, the brightest coders are needed, along with oversight tools like Prometheus monitoring to keep the experience worthwhile for everyone.

User-Friendly Apps Have Certain Characteristics

If every time we open an app and it works the way we want plus it accomplished our goal, we have just encountered a user-friendly app. As it turns out, these highly functional, dependable apps have certain elements in common:

  • The best apps all serve a useful purpose. Some people may find photo filters useful while others do not. Any app that has an audience in mind, and dependably fulfills a need for that audience, is useful and friendly.
  • The best apps are attractive. Back in the dark ages of the internet, website pages sometimes looked like grayed-out, typewritten pages. Apps today can be as attractive as they are useful.
  • The best apps do not redirect the user to another site. They provide what the user is seeking.
  • The best apps are secure and protect your information.

Interact With Software Developers

Often, the folks who develop apps are genuinely interested in hearing from you. What do you think of their work? Does it have glitches? Has it improved your life in any way? Or chances are, you may have a question about some aspect of the software you do not quite understand. Sometimes they can share a hidden hack that you have not encountered yet that opens up a new function in the app. It is not unheard of for a developer to make modifications to address the issues that users have raised. The two major sources of smartphone apps–Apple and Google–both have built-in ways for you to interact with them. And the software writers really do seem to care about your opinion.

Ultimately User-Friendly Apps Exist?

What is the most user-friendly app of all? This is not a contest about the most popular app—Facebook, which no one ever accused of being all that user-friendly. Instead, which app is the easiest and most productive? Experts have weighed in on some of the top user-friendly apps: Amazon, Starbucks—complicated coffee orders, simple app — Waze, Venmo, and Line. Before long, the most unquestionable user-friendly app will be the self-driving car.

Overall, user-friendly apps provide a convenient experience for smartphone users, whether you’re a tech-savvy individual or not. They help us with everyday life from managing our finances, checking our emails, to interacting with others on social media, and so much more. These apps must not only be easy to navigate but also protect our data and privacy. 

Finally, if ever you have an app suggestion, you can contact web developers to make your ideas known. Who knows, you could even have a breakthrough idea that will benefit users while making your life easier too.

The process of designing and launching an app is dotted with research, communication, programming, and testing. By following these simple but effective steps, you will help to alleviate mistakes and headaches along the way.

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