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Sketching — Another Way for Engineers to Communicate Ideas

                    Engineers need to possess many skills, most of which being technical, however, especially for engineering design, creativity is also required. In order to innovate, creativity is essential.    Visual thinking is key in creativity and design. What is visual thinking? It is a way to […]

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“The Future of Work is Learning” – Heather McGowan

Automation and Artificial Intelligence are words that are used interchangeably but are very different. Automation is defined as “automatically controlled operation of an apparatus, process, or system by mechanical or electronic devices that take the place of human labor” (Merriam Webster) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)  is the ability of machines that can mimic intelligent human […]

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Peoria PTC User Group – Bradley University

We at Design Engine had such a great time putting this event together with Bradley University. It was great having everyone get together and talk about design, engineering, and PTC. Each presentation ran about an hour. Here is a recap of the event. Keynote Presentation: “The future of CAD tools (and how PTC & Creo […]


2018 Chicago Auto show

I was fortunate to be able to attend the Chicago auto show media preview days. With that, photographers were able to walk through the floors and take pictures of the vehicles without fighting through crowds or taking dozens of attempts to capture a photo without a person walking through the frame.  One of the best […]

The StarWars BB8 replica Industry News

Bridging the Gap: Bridgewater Studio Brings Fantasy to Reality

Let me just start by saying, this place is awesome! Selfishly, I had wanted to set up a tour to play with their awesome BB8 replica as the nerdery is strong with me, but when I visited Bridgewater Studios I got much more than I had expected. They even have their own real-life robot! Three […]

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Creo Level 13: Flexible Modeling Extension FMX

Creo Flexible Modeling Extension FMX Course Duration:  16 Hours Tuition: $900 USD Overview: Creo Flexible Modeling Extension FMX was developed from a previous software package called ME30 or Co-create modeling to...
by Bart Brejcha


Creo Level 12: Mechanism Dynamics Intensive

Creo Mechanism Dynamics Intensive Course Duration: 16 hours Tuition: $1,500 USD Overview: This Creo Mechanism Dynamics course is intended as a two-day intensive on using Creo Mechanism.   Emphasis can be placed on your spe...
by Bart Brejcha


Creo Level 11: Import Data Doctor

Creo Level 11: Import Data Doctor Course Duration: 16 hours (2 days) Tuition: $1,000 USD Overview: You used to be able to bring in IGES data before wildfire 3.0 Lean to manage import geometry from various 3D software packa...
by Bart Brejcha



Creo Level 10: Mold Design

Creo Mold Design: Design of Plastic Injection Molds  Course Duration: 16  / 40 Hours Tuition: $1,200 / $2,500 USD Overview: Mold Base layout and design of Plastic Injection Mold Base. Any changes made to the desi...
by Bart Brejcha


Creo Level 9: Cable Harness Design & Schematics

Creo Cable Harness Design Course Duration: 40 Hours Tuition: $2,500 USD Overview: This class runs every other month. In this five-day course, participants will gain a healthy knowledge of routing cables and individual conductor...
by Bart Brejcha

Wiring Diagram using Creo Schematics

Creo Level 8: Schematics

Creo Schematics Training Course Duration: 24 hours/40 hours Tuition: $1,500 /$2,500 USD Overview: This serious introduction Creo Schematics course is either a two-day or five-day intensive. This course enables participants to e...
by Bart Brejcha