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Description: Creo Training

This Intro to Creo training course is for participants new to 3D modeling. This is a slower more carefully paced introduction to constraint-based modeling, assembly, and detailing utilizing the latest release of Creo design engineering software. This course focuses on all the basics: sketching, part modeling, assemblies, drawings, and basic model management techniques. This course includes over 40 comprehensive design tutorials and projects that will enable participants new to 3D modeling to get comfortable using Creo.  This course is intended for participants who are new to 3d modeling and for those interested in using 3D such as graphic designers, package designers, or design or engineering managers.

If you have previous 3D experience in Creo or have experience using Solidworks, NX or CATIA this class is not for you. Consider instead our Creo Learn to Design training course.

An image of an elephant modeled in Creo software.

Creo Training Topics

  • Overview of the Creo user interface creating and assembling parts
  • Introduction to the basics of using sketcher and part mode
  • Learn to create parts from dimension drawings
  • Learn to make detailed drawings from Creo part models
  • Learn to use Parts within assemblies 
  • Learn to take advantage of parent-child constraints to facilitating changes
  • Learn to make Assembly drawings
  • Exploded Assemblies and subsequent drawings
  • Learn to use Sub Divisional models *Freestyle


40 hours = $2850 per student

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No experience is necessary to take this course as it is intended for those who are new to 3d.  If you have previous Creo or experience in Solidworks, Catia, NX or Fusion 360 consider instead the more advanced’ Learn to Design’ learning Creo course offering instead. 

creo training Projects

  • Create features: Extrudes, Sweeps, Patterns, Shell, Draft, Rounds, and Solid Geometry using curves and surfaces
  • Create an assembly of a pre-existing toy dump truck
  • Create the components and assemble the parts 
  • Various Pattern exercises
  • Create vise parts you modeled to produce subsequent assembly drawings, complete with bill of material and exploded views
  • Lego Racer assembly exploded detailed drawing 
  • Import & export 2d DXF, EPS geometries to and from AutoCAD, Illustrator Acrobat, Powerpoint
Lego Racer Creo 7.0 model


  • Learn to create parts, assemblies, and drawings
  • Learn to use parts within assemblies and subsequent detailed drawings
  • Utilize basic or core Creo Modeling techniques 
  • Utilize Edit Definition to make changes to parts and features you have created
  • Take advantage of the parametric and parent-child constraints of Creo tools
  • Confidence using Creo
  • Confidence checking or managing coworker Creo models

Video Training Delivery System

Ask your Design Engine account manager about our Training Delivery System(TDS), an easy-to-follow guide for designers and engineers who want a supplement to this course.