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Adobe Illustrator for Designers & Engineers


Illustrator is a companion product to Photoshop in Adobe arsenal of software products. Adobe Illustrator offers advanced 2D and 3D graphics manipulation and configuration to increase efficiency in the design workflow. This course shows how to use Illustrator for the marker rendering process, start to finish. Setup realistic 3D renderings using 2D tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Add texture and shape, then create realistic images using lighting and shading techniques. Students will learn how to describe shape and form, use shadow, and how to fake reflective surfaces. Additional training on how to prepare an image for print or web can be accommodated. This course can be combined and customized with Photoshop techniques to suit your specific needs.


16 hours (2 days)


Recommended but not required to start with our Intro to Photoshop or our Intro to Illustrator classes before taking this course. You will however need an interest in learning UX/UI design for web-based applications.