Alias Rendering Intensive


Autodesk Alias is an industrial design software that powers your creative process with a range of sketching, modeling, surfacing, and visualization tools.  This class is an intensive rendering course that goes beyond the general principles of product rendering, as related specifically to Alias Design.


  • Global render settings.
  • Rendering realistic glass with tips and tricks for procedural renderings.
  • Proper use of lighting and shadows.
  • Proper use and kinds of environments.
  • Creating maps, textures, and shaders.
  • Special lighting effects.
  • Using test and final render.
  • Avoiding numerous early rendering mistakes of beginners, and focusing on high level rendering.
  • Displacement, procedural, etc.
  • Post-production tricks and final presentation project.
  • Cover Image Studio in detail.
  • This course can be customized for high-end rendering experts or specific needs.
  • The 40 hour workshop can be tailored to work with individual or corporate projects.


This workshop has been designed for intermediate, or more experienced Alias users.


16 or 40 hours


  • Compare quick render utilities to the power of Alias.
  • Compare and contrast scenes from commercial video and photography to your renders, discuss differences, and why.
Alias training image