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Rhino 3D Surface Modeling


During this Rhino 3D Training course, participants will learn about surface modeling and discuss general modeling relating specifically to Rhino 3D Software. Participants will create and edit free-form 3D NURBS curves and surfaces. This fast-moving class covers Rhino’s functionality, including the most advanced surfacing commands. Time permitting, the last day of class will give students the option of learning basic concepts of Jewelry creation, A-class surfacing, or Z-Brush integration. Throughout the class we will cover best practices for working between Rhino and different rendering packages such as Keyshot. Rhino 3D Training is a must for participants in the Industrial Design field looking to further enhance their skills and Architects using Rhino modeling.


  • Compare Rhino 5.0 to Creo, Maya, Alias, and Solidworks.
  • Creating surfaces using curves.
  • Interface exploration and customization.
  • Viewport layout and shading/display options.
  • Layer management, labeling, coloring, and how it can affect your workflow.
  • Modify curves and surfaces with Edit Commands.
  • 3D Models from drawings and scanned images.
  • Separating components using Boolean vs Split commands.
  • Extrusions using open and closed curves.
  • Object snaps and grid snaps.
  • Lines in 3D space.
  • Revolves
  • Array a pattern along a curve or in a circle.
  • Curve on surfaces.
  • Focus on rounds and blends.
  • Flowing text along a curve and a surface.
  • Extract Edge
  • Loft, Patch, and Sweep2rails.
  • Zebra and environment analysis.
  • Surfacing tools: Sweeps, Revolves, Lofting and Surface From Curve Network.
  • Curves from objects.
  • Managing the implied tangency (across mirror plane).
  • Splitting an object apart and shelling with a specific thickness.


40 hours


Industrial Design degree or CAD experience helpful but not necessary.


  • Identify the different ways to display geometry.
  • Trim vs Split vs Project/Split/Delete.
  • Curve on Surface vs Projected Curve.
  • Plan your model from concept sketch to final construction.
  • Strengths and weaknesses of boolean solids.
  • Surface curve networks and alternate uses for this tool.
  • Discuss the difference between Lofts and Sweeps.
  • Discuss surface and curve analysis tool, Zebra.
  • Discuss rules common to all surface models.
  • Render in Flamingo vs Keyshot.
  • Detail and realism.
  • Discuss typical and atypical workflow for industrial designers.
  • Discuss basics of rendering.
  • Discuss A-Class surfacing, touching on G1, G2 and G3.
  • What industries Rhino is used in and what are its advantages & limitations.
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