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The CAD Renaissance Comes to Denver

Today, CAD is more relevant, more innovative, and more powerful than ever and we learned that first-had on Thursday, May 23rd 2019. Design Engine was in Denver, Colorado covering expert-led learning, peer discussion, and fun at the Colorado PTC User Group (COPUG). This year, we learned new ways of working and new technologies.

At this year’s COPUG event, PTC rolled out some changes to Topology Optimization, automating and speeding up design processes. With these changes – to be implemented alongside Creo 7’s 2020 release – users will be able to integrate ANSYS to identify and resolve design issues throughout the workflow process.

Additionally, PTC is moving toward revolutionizing training methods through the use of augmented reality. With PTC’s AR program, users can auto-publish an AR experience, giving them the ability to train both virtually and in real-time.

With so many software upgrades and additions, Design Engine decided to take a holistic and comprehensive view regarding the steps that lead us to these design tool breakthroughs. Check out Bart Brejcha’s presentation on the History of CAD, specifically, the history of PTC and the evolution of its programs throughout the years. Or you can read our History of CAD article on!


11:00 AM Welcome!

Introduction and Lunch

12:30 PM The Renaissance of CAD – Sessions include:

  • Making Topology Optimization (TO) Part of Your Design Process.. Discover how to design products for the future, today. Learn hands-on how organizations are transforming the way they create, operate and service products by bridging their digital and physical worlds.
  • Specify Design Intent: Generative Design. Learn what this technology means to the design engineer now, how it will improve the design process, and where Creo is headed.
  • Making Simulation a Reality. Creo Simulation Live powered by ANSYS gives you real-time feedback in your modeling environment. Developed for the design engineer, this tool means simulation can be part of your daily workflow.
  • Manufacturing Consensus: Additive Manufacturing Tools & Techniques. No more hassle. With Creo, what you design is what you print. Go from topology optimization for concept design to lattice modeling and metal printing, all within Creo.
  • AR for Design Reviews. Learn about how AR and CAD work better together and what that may mean for product design. Try it for yourself!
  • Past Present and Future How PTC has evolved communication 3D Creo 6.0 – Bart Brejcha DESIGN ENGINE

2:00 PM Networking, Creo 6.0 Sneak Peek, and More!

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