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Creo Top-Down Design


In this course, users will learn about the many flavors of top down modeling methodologies with an introduction to constraint based modeling, assembly, detailing & making changes utilizing the latest release of Creo.  We will discuss surfacing techniques that allow top-down design to perform properly and compare the wide variety of workflow tools available for top-down modeling strategy, including Copy Geometry, Shrink Wrap, Merge, Master Model, and Inheritance -while learning how teams can manage published geometry. This Creo training is developed for new users who want to become proficient at Creo within just one week and well on their way to becoming an expert faster.


  • History and Overviewof Top-down Design and how the tools evolved
  • Create and assemble parts
  • Utilize Edit Definition to re-work the external copy geometry
  • Compare Creo top-down design methodologies workflows and proper use of Copy Geometry, ShrinkWrap, Merge, Master Model, and Inheritance 
  • Compare and contrast a simple external copy geometry to a skeleton part full with published geometry

Duration & Cost

16 hours = $1650 per student

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Some Surface modeling is helpful, but this course will teach you also how to use surfaces as tools for use with the various top-down design methodologies.


16 Hours



  • Use surface geometry to delineate from major body parts of a stapler. 
  • Learn to manipulate the geometry so that none of the specific parts fail upon regeneration
  • Use various forms of Top-down design to learn how cable harnesses can be routed efficiently through very large assemblies
  • Use external copy geometry to delineate between bumper trim and roof geometry from a truck body
  • Use top-down design by creating an external copy geometry of the inside of a teapot, to determine the inner fluid volume. Convert those cubic inches to volume ounces and display that information on the detail drawing
  • Piston & Rod Mechanism
  • Create Creo Suzuki GSXR 600 with Top-down Design
  • Generate various parts from one main part of a GoPro Camera Body


  • Various top-down modeling methodologies for obtaining solid geometries when creating external copy geometries
  • Learn to take strategic advantage of parent-child relationships
  • Create mechanized skeletons
  • Publish Geometries footers and teams
  • Form development with respect to getting all the parts to fit properly
  • How to manage fail mode that spans across multiple parts
  • How to make Top-down models more robust so changes occur without fail
  • Discuss with examples how published geometry can be used to facilitate teams in rapid product development from form development to finite element analysis (FEA)

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