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Creo Import Data Doctor


This training course will introduce the basic techniques needed to use the tools of Import Data Doctor (IDD). The goal of this class is to gain the ability to use external sources in your designs and modify or repair geometry. You will learn to manage import geometry from various 3D packages such as Alias, Rhino, or SOLIDWORKS using this powerful subset of tools. We will teach users how to ensure accuracy, and consistency and avoid unwanted gaps or errors within those parts or assemblies. Our instructors will familiarize designers and engineers with the user interface through field-relevant workflow procedures rather than a textbook-read approach.  This course is often part of the Creo Reverse Engineering week-long intensive or Creo Surfacing WEEK TWO.


dog ball import was converted to a parametric model
  • History of IGES and STEP imports & manipulations 
  • Basic workflow, scope, and purpose of Import Data Doctor (IDD)
  • Remove Rounds and other geometry
  • New workflow for Zip Gaps Post Wildfire 4.0
  • Activate vs Deactivate & IDD model tree
  • Merge workflow and tangents inside IDD
  • Deal with more simple imports and task-based repair of IGES or STEP geometry
  • Complex imports and Coincident surfaces
  • Define Gaps, repair gaps, and closing gaps
  • How to manage Gaps/Slivers 
  • Modify, Extrapolate, Align, Transform, and Replace
  • Move Vertex
  • Learn to make portions of your import geometry parametric for precise modifications
  • Learn to make changes to the import data inside the IDD utility
  • Learn to manage larger assembly exports
  • Freeze entities vs managing changes during manipulations
  • Learn to manage sheet metal imports, Convert, Combine, and Extrude; convert non-parametric data to parametric features


16 hours = $1650 per student

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Creo modeling or surfacing experience is helpful but not necessary.


  • Manage basic import and rebuild using tools outside of Data Doctor
  • Basic import and rebuild using tools inside Data Doctor
  • Sheet metal repair
  • Learn to delete and rebuild Boundary Blends inside IDD
  • Perform diagnostics on geometry
  • Improve the quality of surfaces, curves, and edges for manufacture
  • Config Settings relative to IDD
Alias import into Creo using Import Data doctor


  • Discuss various types of data for import such as Points, Facet Data, DXF, STEP and IGES; Compare to latest release of Creo
  • Convert surfaces to cylinders and extrusions; Pseudo-Feature
  • Display options for Frozen, Wireframe, Vertices, and Tangent Constraints
  • Converting Sheet metal IGES / STEP imports from Solidworks, NX or Catia to Creo Sheet metal and ultimately to a flattened state
  • Basic workflow for generic repair vs more difficult repairs
  • Discuss workflow for making Import geometry parametric

Video Training Delivery System

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