Creo Surfacing Freestyle Sub Divisional Modeling


Learn to create Freestyle surfaces using the new Sub’D Modeler inside Creo. Freestyle is based on sub-divisional modelling technology, which makes use of a control mesh to move or subdivide surfaces. This allows you to manipulate and add details, both easily and intuitively. Our instructors will teach an efficient and effective workflow that will yield the most desired results for designing products. All of our courses are able to be customized to fit your needs or those of your team.

Creo Freestyle Wenn Bicycles


  • Basic workflow
  • Using Trace Sketch and Visual Mirror
  • Utilize Transform and Scale to control vertices and faces & edge lines
  • Align and planarize
  • Extrude SubD
  • Manage Mirror and break summitry as necessary
  • Utilize Connect, Edge Split, and Face Split to tweak and pinch surfaces
  • Rendering with Creo Mental Ray tools
  • Mix and match Freestyle with Creo Parametric surfaces

Duration & Cost

40 hours = $2700/person

For corporates, please call (312)226-8339


A basic understanding of Creo surfaces is recommended of Creo Surfacing Week One


  • What’s new within the latest release of Creo Freestyle
  • Integrating Sub Divisional Freestyle surfaces with other surfaces inside Creo
  • Creating soft-good products such as leather goods and bags
  • History of SubD Freestyle modeling and compare to Catia, Maya, and 3D Max
  • Discuss the various primitives and their perspective workflow
  • Discuss manipulating faces vs vertices
  • Learn advanced workflow managing conceptual design or ideation of forms
  • Constraining freestyle geometry to parametric curves and Creo Surfaces


  • Create a couch and ottoman
  • Create a toy airplane using a Creo Freestyle polygon cube
  • Create a toy giraffe model using a polygon box primitive
  • Create eyeglass frames from a primitive sphere
  • Create a carbon fiber bicycle frame
  • Create an Auto Front end from images
  • Create a front-end of a rally car from a square initial primitive shape
  • Create a bicycle and/or Motorcycle saddle
  • Develop Motorcycle Swing-arm using Freestyle coupled with Creo Solid Geometry
  • Create new plastic for a YZ450 Motocross bike
  • Create multiple iterations of a hair brush
  • Create soft-goods products such as bags and gun holsters
  • Create perfect circles for machined mating parts

Video Training Delivery System

Ask your Design Engine account manager about our Training Delivery System(TDS), an easy-to-follow guide for designers and engineers who want a supplement to this course.