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Manufacturing Week Long Comprehensive Workshop


This is an advanced modeling course that is administered with respect to manufacturing processes and covers modeling techniques that will ensure your production success. The training material has been designed to provide a working knowledge of both the molding and forming industry that utilizes modeling techniques in either Creo or Solidworks. The course combines Design Engine’s Die Cast Part Design, Plastics Part Design, and Forging Part Design Course and does not cover the actual writing of CNC code for numeric controls or sheet metal, as those topics are covered in separate Design Engine courses. This class is not for Creo or Solidworks beginners. This training course is developed for new and seasoned users alike and for those users who want to become proficient in piece manufacturing parts in just one week. We help design engineers learn how to make changes quickly to set them up for becoming an expert faster.

created using Creo this Aluminum die cast part is for closet storage

Duration & Cost

40 hours = $2850 per student

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Significant knowledge of Creo, SolidWorks  or another parametric 3D CAD modeler is essential.


Zinc die cast part
  • History and Overview of the Die Cast process complete with tooling and outside machining operations
  • Die cast molds, tooling, processing factors, nominal walls, radii & draft angles, ribs, weldlines, stress, cooling metals, bosses, and undercuts
  • Snap fit, FEA, design recommendations, and overview of flow material using mold analysis software
  • Discuss cooling time as related to thick sections of aluminum
  • Discuss internal voids and fundamentals of other problems that occur from improper piece part design
  • Discuss using parametric modelers and discuss examples where using variables with a parametric modeler to ensure your success
  • Deep dive into using Draft and adding them to STEP files
  • Learn to use surfacing and discuss its usefulness with die cast part design


*See the Design Engine Die Cast Part Design page for a complete list of course material.


  • History and Overview of the forging process complete with tooling and outside machining operations
  • Forging process by which metal is heated and shaped
  • Discuss the progression of strikes
  • Open Die Drop hammer forging and other examples
  • Discuss alloys with respect to forging
  • Compare cold and hot forging
  • Discuss strengths and weaknesses of outsourcing


*See the Design Engine Forging Part Design page for complete list of course material.

Solidworks training class


Solidworks Chrome bag buckle
  • History and Overview of Plastic Part Design
  • Discuss wide variety of rapid prototyping, processes & materials for Product Development
  • Mechanical behavior of polymers for proper material selection
  • Shrinkage, warpage and part ejection
  • Discuss basic design elements in plastic part design: holes, ribs, thin wall features, bosses, nominal walls, and fill
  • Discuss general rules for hollow boss design and discuss best practices. 
  • Learn about and how to avoid thin steel or thin blade areas
  • Discuss designing undercuts with respect to Slides
  • Discuss the interaction of Mold Filling, gating and weld lines
  • General disclaimers on drawings


*See the Design Engine Plastic Parts page for a complete list of the course material.


  • Model parts with Top-Down Design
  • Motorcycle brake Lever
  • Pivot bracket
  • Harley rod
  • Motorcycle kickstand
  • Participants will add Draft and prepare any number of parts for the plastic injection molding process
  • Learn a light use of Surfacing
  • Model parts with Top-Down Design
  • Adding Draft to parts that currently have no Draft.
  • Making parts moldable that others created
  • Tips, tricks, and techniques for starting and completing plastic parts
Medela Surfaced model with a complex plastic injection pull

Video Training Delivery System

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