Rhino Grasshopper Training

Rhino Grasshopper Training

Rhino: Jewelry Design Workshop

Course Duration: 24 hours

Overview:  In this Rhino Grasshopper Training participants learn how to enhance their 3d modeling abilities in Rhino by mastering the basics of Grasshopper. This plugin for Rhino allows you to create complex patterns and structures that would be impossibly time consuming to make otherwise.

Rhino Grasshopper Training


A basic understanding of Rhino 3d is recommended. Rhino Grasshopper Training is most useful when built on top of your experience in a design profession. Grasshopper can enhance your skills in careers such as Product
Design, Architecture, Jewelry Design, and more!

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Rhino Grasshopper TrainingRhino Grasshopper TrainingRhino Grasshopper Training

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*Please note that prices listed on this page are based upon pre-payment prior to the start of the class

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